WhatsApp group feature is one of the main speciality of the application that we use. We have given several tips for usage of the application on How to Chat Online before. This time we are going to provide information on deleting messages on WhatsApp Groups. If you would like some people to not to see your group messages, we are going to give you a guideline about deleting these messages from the group. You can ask us if you have any questions about that.

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How to Delete (Bulk) All Messages from a Group on WhatsApp

1-) Firstly enter the group chat you (or someone else) created.

2-) You will need to tap on three dot menu  of the group as we have shown on the picture below.

3-)  Click on “More” section on menu.

4-) Tap on “Clear Chat” section and delete all WhatsApp messages from the group.

How to Delete a Single Message on WhatsApp Group on Android

1-) Enter the group that you want to delete a single message.

2-) Tap and hold a message that you want to delete as we have shown at the picture below.

3-) A menu with some images will appear at the top of the application. Tap on trashcan image to delete the message.

Now you have removed the message on WhatsApp Messenger from your Android device. If you would like to delete more than one message you can also select many of them before tapping on trashcan icon of the application.


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