How to Contact WhatsApp Support

How to Contact WhatsApp SupportWhatsApp has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Play Store and App Store. If you are using this application and if you are getting some errors, you will need to try some stuffs to fix these errors. However if you can’t fix the error, you will need to contact WhatsApp for fix the error. You can contact the developers only through email.

There is no forms that you can fill on contact page and WhatsApp developers generally don’t respond user reviews on Play Store and App Store. You can get more information on how to contact WhatsApp support on here. You can also get information on business inquiries contact and privacy and policy questions.

Contact WhatsApp Support Through Email

If you can not fix your problems, you can contact WhatsApp through EMail. Especially you generally get responses for WhatsApp Unban issues. You will need to email to [email protected].

You should give your personal information, phone number and some more detailed information on the mail you will send. If you don’t describe the problem well, it will take longer for developers to fix your problem. Don’t also forget to give information about your phone.

Don’t forget to give these information in your email:

  • Detailed description of the problem you got with the application.
  • WhatsApp version you use.
  • Exact name of the smartphone you use.
  • Your phone number.

If you have any questions, you can comment this page.

When Does WhatsApp Responses Support Request by Email

This is very unknown. If you contact WhatsApp for a ban issue, you will get response from them 14 days at the least. Other support requests can be different.

Contact WhatsApp for Business Inquiries

If you would like to do business with WhatsApp, you will need to contact to developers through sending email them. Please don’t forget that this is not a job application mail. Business inquiries should sent to: [email protected]

Contact for Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about Privacy and Policy, you should click here to get privacy page of the app. You are going to get information on several privacy questions on this contact page of WhatsApp.

Leave a Feedback to Play Store or App Store

This is another way to contact WhatsApp officially. Leaving a feedback to WhatsApp in Play Store and App Store is not the best option to contact though since they don’t generally answer their users there. All you need to do is going Play Store or App Store, search for WhatsApp and leave a review to the page. This is how you can contact WhatsApp through smartphone stores.

Request Support

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