If you have some privacy issues on your iPhone and if you would like to clear WhatsApp Call history, this guide will help you about that. We have given several information on WhatsApp on How to Chat Online for you. If you would like to check these several tips and guides, you can click here. We will go on to provide more information on WhatsApp on HCO for you. You can find the guide below for removing WhatsApp call logs on iPhone. We also recommend you to check pictures which we have provided for you.

How to Clear WhatsApp Call History on iPhone (Step by Step with Pictures)

1-) Run WhatsApp on your iPhone or other iOS device.

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2-) Tap “Calls” button which is located bottom menu of the application.

3-) Tap on “Edit” at the top left of the app.

4-) A red icon will appear at left side of every single logs on the list. Please tap on the icon whatever log you want to delete as we have shown at the picture below.

5-) Delete will appear at the right side of the log and tap on that to complete the operation.

How to Delete All WhatsApp Call History on iPhone

1-) Please do all first three steps above. After the third steps, you will need to follow these instructions below:

2-) Tap on the clear button at the top right of the application.

3-) Tap on the “Clear Call History” button at the pop up menu which will appear on your screen.

All done! You deleted all WhatsApp call history and logs from your phone now. If you have any questions regarding removing call history on your iPhone or Android device, please feel free to ask us through commenting this page. We are going to provide information for Android devices on this subject very soon!

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