How to Clear Storage of WhatsApp Conversation on iPhone

Do you think that your conversations on WhatsApp take too much spaces on your iPhone’s storage? We will tell you how to clear of a single WhatsApp conversation storage on this page. There will be step by step guideline for you below. However we recommend you to be careful about storage clearing. Please do not forget to backup important data in those conversations before clearing them. Otherwise you won’t able to get back important files, medias or messages. Let’s begin to tell you how to clear storage of a conversation on WhatsApp. You can check all pictures which we have provided below of each steps.

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How to Clear Storage of WhatsApp Conversation on iPhone and iPad (Step by Step with Pictures)

Please do the following for clear storage of WhatsApp Conversation:

1-) Run WhatsApp on your device.

2-) Tap on settings which is located on the menu.

3-) Swipe down and tap “Data and Storage”.

4-) Swipe down until the end of the page and tap “Storage Usage”.

5-) Tap on the contact name which will appear on the list.

6-) Swipe down and tap on “Manage…” button which is located bottom of the page.

7-) Select any kind of file types to delete. (Photos, GIF’s, Videos, Voice Messages, Documents.)


8-) Tap Clear to remove all files and messages. WhatsApp will want you to confirm that you want to delete all these files (with the size of those files), tap “Clear” to confirm it again. (Tap Cancel if you are not sure to delete these data.)

You are done! You have removed all  photos, GIF’s, videos, voice messages and documents of that conversation.

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What Happens if You Clear Storage of WhatsApp Conversation?

You will remove all files which is related with the conversation you made. However you may remove a file that you will need. We recommend you to backup important files or messages which is related with that conversation. It is the safest and easiest way to remove all files about a contact.

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