You will find information on this page for how to make your font style Courier. You will need to do a few steps only to make it and it is very easy. You will able to change the text style you use on the application with the tips below. Only Courier is available at WhatsApp at the moment. We are going to update this page when there is any other font style available on WhatsApp. If you have any suggestions about changing style of fonts on Whatsapp, please let us now with adding your thoughts at the comment section below. You can also ask any questions at that section. Feel free to ask anything about the application.

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How to Change Message Font Style on WhatsApp for iOS and Android

You will need to do following for changing message font style on WhatsApp Messenger. You can do it for iOS and Android devices.

  • Run WhatsApp Messenger application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Open an existing chat or create a new chat with one of your friends on contacts.
  • Please type ““`” at the beginning of your message without quotation marks.
  • Type your message. (Example: Changing Font.)
  • Please type ““`” at the end of your message without quotation marks again.
  • Your message should look like this: “`Changing Font.“`
  • Tap send, to send it to your friend.
  • Your message is going to look like this: Changing Font.

All done! You can send messages to your friends with the new font style.

Important for About iOS users: Some iOS devices has no “`” character at their keyboard and that can be problematic to do this trick for you.

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