How to Bypass WhatsApp Verification Code for Android

Are you having trouble with getting a WhatsApp account and you would like to bypass the verification code service of the app for Android? You will learn how to do that step by step on this page and you will able to use the WhatsApp, easily on your phone. There are many free and paid phone services on internet which you can get SMS codes.

You can use this services easily, however free services may give you headache if someone else used the phone number for WhatsApp registration. So we recommend you to get your own cyber phone. We will tell you steps for free services. You can do the similar for paid services too. Let us show you how to do that. If you are using iPhone, please see this guide instead: Bypass on iOS Devices

Bypass WhatsApp Verification

So how will you bypass these verification steps. Let us tell you on here.

  1. Firstly you will need to find out a free service that you can get SMS. (We recommend paid services but since everyone don’t want to pay for this, we will tell you in free ways). Get the most suitable phone number for you from this service. You can google it for getting free sms. You are going to get many good results.
  2. After you decided about the phone number, go to Google Play and download the application.
  3. When you install the application, it will ask you about your phone number.
  4. Enter the phone number you pick and wait for the SMS on the free sms service.
  5. Get your verification code in a few seconds and enter the code.
  6. That’s all. Now you can use your WhatsApp account.

How to Bypass WhatsApp Verification Code for Android

That’s all. These are some services you can use for WhatsApp verification:


We recommend you to pick a number which hasn’t used by any other users before or use a paid service. Otherwise your account can be taken by someone else. We also recommend you to see this tutorial if you have an old phone number: How to Activate WhatsApp with Old Number

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One thought on “How to Bypass WhatsApp Verification Code for Android

  • September 15, 2017 at 3:07 am

    If you can find a new phone number these services are working. If the number is old, someone already activating his account with that no. I got a paid service for my second account. Worked for me.


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