How to Bold Text on WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp with different font styles for your status and while you are texting your friends. We are going to tell you how to use bold texts on WhatsApp on this page for you. You will able to send message to your friends with this feature and you will emphasize important stuff in your message. So your friends will able to understand better what you mean in the message. You can ask any questions at comment section below, if you have any question about this subject or any other problem you face on WhatsApp.

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How to Bold Text on WhatsApp on Android and iOS

Steps are same for both iOS and Android. We won’t tell these on separate headers. You can do the following steps for bold text while you are sending messages on the app:

  • Run WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.
  • Open a new chat or open an existing chat.
  • Type “*” before the message.
  • Type your message. (Example: How are you?)
  • Then type “*” again after the message.
  • Your message should look like this: *How are you?*
  • Tap send button.
  • After you send the message to your friend, the message will look like this: How are you?

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You can see our example picture for WhatsApp bold messages. In the sent message, you will see how message will look like… In the text field, you will see exact texts to send a bold message. We hope that the picture will explain things easier than steps for you.

You are done! Now you can send bold texts to your friends with this trick. You can also send strikethrough, italic messages to your friends with tips of How to Chat Online.

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