How to Auto Download Photos with WiFi Only on WhatsApp iOS

WhatsApp is a good messenger application that you can use for Windows Phone/Mobile, Android and iOS operating systems. There are many options for downloading pictures that you received from your friends. You can download any items with different network connections on WhatsApp. In this page we are going to tell you how to download photos that you received with WiFi only. This guide will be only for iOS devices only. We are going to publish the same guide for other operating systems at incoming days. You can take a look at our steps below. We recommend you to also check each pictures on our guideline. Those images give you more idea about how to auto download Photos with WiFi. If you have any questions regarding to this subject, please ask us through commenting. Our experts will respond you as soon as possible about your questions on auto download pictures with WiFi.

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How to Auto Download Photos with WiFi Only on WhatsApp iOS (Step by Step with Images)

Please follow to steps for auto-download photos with Wifi on WhatsApp:

1-) Run WhatsApp on your phone.

2-) Tap on “Settings” on the main page of the main chat.

3-) Swipe down a little bit and then tap on “Data and Storage Usage” section on the phone.

4-) Tap on “Photos” on the Data and Storage Usage page.

5-) Tap on “Wi-Fi” if you also want to download photos with cellular network, select “Wi-Fi and Cellular” option.

That’s all! Now you will auto download your Photos with WiFi connection only on WhatsApp.

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Cons of Download Photos with WiFi Only

Actually there are not much cons about this. However the most important one is you won’t able to download photos anytime you want. You can change your settings anytime though. You can also download files manually on WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to download files manually please visit our guideline: How to Save WhatsApp Pictures Manually

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