How to Add People on WhatsApp without Phone Number

Many people think that some messengers are a social networking platform and we are getting questions about those messenger applications on How to Chat Online. Almost all of these questions are based on social networking. One of those application is WhatsApp and the most common question about WhatsApp is “adding people without phone number“. Actually we can even see this question a few times in a day in our contact or questions and answers service.

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How to Add People on WhatsApp without Phone Number?

The exact answer of this question is you cannot add people without phone number. If you want to talk to your friend without having his number, you have no chance at all. However if you would like to talk to random people from random countries on WhatsApp, this may change things for you. You can try guess some phone numbers but it won’t be easy for you. Let us give you some examples and tips.

1-) Select a Target Country For Yourself

You should certainly do this. You should have a goal. Which country you prefer to have friends? Your own country? (That will be much easier for you, if you would like to have friends from your own country since you will be familiar with mobile numbers of your country.) United Kingdom? USA or Canada? Ireland? Japan? Open a world map and select your target country and begin to work on that to have friends.

Example 1:

We selected “Ukraine” for our example.

2-) Learn International Phone Code and Mobile Network Phone Code of the Country

You have selected your country after you thought about that. Now you will need to look for International Phone Code and Mobile Network Phone Code of the country. It is very easy to do. Just search them on Google and you will get response from Google.

Example 2:

We have selected Ukraine and we searched its international phone code as “Ukraine Phone Code” on Google.

Ukraine Phone Code is +380

Now we need to search for Mobile Codes of Ukraine.

Some mobile phone codes of Ukraine: 39, 50, 63, 66, 67, 68, 91, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99.

3-) Combine the Phone Numbers and Try Guess Phones

We got all informations we can get about phone numbers above and now we need to combine phone numbers that we got and we should guess rest of the phone numbers.

So these can be some Ukrainian phone numbers and you should guess phone numbers which has been replaced with “x” letters below.

These are all possible combinations below:

  • +38039xxxxxxx
  • +38050xxxxxxx
  • +38063xxxxxxx
  • +38066xxxxxxx
  • +38067xxxxxxx
  • +38068xxxxxxx
  • +38091xxxxxxx
  • +38093xxxxxxx
  • +38095xxxxxxx
  • +38096xxxxxxx
  • +38097xxxxxxx
  • +38098xxxxxxx
  • +38099xxxxxxx

4-) The Most Important Part

You found the person and you are ready to talk her/him. This is the most important part now since you have find someone else’s phone and he/she can be angry to you about that. Try being friendly and tell her/him that you just want to make friends. We hope that it will be a good excuse.

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  • November 18, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks bunch for tips. I have found a few people but they were generally males. There are any tips for females?


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