How to Add International Phone Numbers on WhatsApp

You can talk with people from foreign countries on many Messenger applications and many of them is providing this feature free for their users. If you have met someone from abroad and if you would like to add her/him to your WhatsApp Messenger, you will find some tips here.

It is very easy to do and it will take your seconds with our guideline. You can do it for both iOS and Android on WhatsApp.

Add International Phone Numbers to WhatsApp Messenger for iOS and Android

Firstly you will need to do following steps to add someone to your contacts:

1-) You will need to add your friend to your phone contact first, if you would like to talk to him/her. Tap on Contacts on Your Phone. (Phone > Contacts on iPhone.)

2-) Tap on “+” button or Add or Add Contact button to add a new contact.

3-) Your friend told you he/she is from USA and the phone number is 01234567890 and she didn’t tell you about the country code since every country codes start with “+”. You will need to ignore the 0 at the beginning and you will need to put a +1 at the beginning of the phone since it is USA’s code. So the phone number should be +1 123 456 7890. You can check the picture below as a good example of this

4- If you are using iPhone, the contact will appear on your WhatsApp immediately. If you are using on Android and if you cannot see the contact on your list yet, please tap on a new chat  and then tap on three dot menu  and tap on Refresh on the menu. You will see new contact in your list. If your contacts disappeared, please check our guide for that issue.

Important Reminders

Sometimes people can give you the phone with 001 country code (for America). That may work while you call people with the phone but it may cause problem on WhatsApp. So we recommend you to use +1 instead of 001.

We recommend you to ask people that they have given their phone numbers with country code or not.

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