How Long Do Whatsapp Messages Stay on the Server?

We have discussed about WhatsApp messages on How to Chat Online before. We got a question one of our users that how long do WhatsApp messages stay on the server, I am going to answer this question on here. If you have any questions regarding to this subject, please let us know. You can also get more information on WhatsApp in our tutorials in How to Chat Online.

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How Long Do Whatsapp Messages Stay on the Server?

WhatsApp stores all messages you have as long as you are active with the messenger. However if you are inactive, your messages will be stored in servers about 30 days. 30 days later, they all will removed from the server. If you don’t have any backup, you will never able to recover/retrieve your WhatsApp messages. We recommend you to always take backup of your messages if you care for them. If you backup your messages through iCloud, Google Drive or iTunes, you will save those message permanently. If you would like to delete those backups, you will need to remove them from backup services.

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So Can You Retrieve My Chats If I Delete My Account?

The answer of this question is yes and no. Yes, if you get backup your conversations before deleting account. No, if you didn’t have any backup… So it depends on you got backup or not for retrieving chat. You can always retrieve your logs from iCloud, iTunes or Google Drive. Taking backups from those services is quite easy. All you need to do is reinstalling WhatsApp to your phone and agreeing to recover backups when WhatsApp asked you during the installation. You don’t need any other services to have your chats back.

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