How Long Do WhatsApp Bans Last? Is it Permanent or Temporary?

We got a question from one of users about WhatsApp ban, he wants to know that how long do WhatsApp bans last or is it ever last at all? We are going to answer this question on this page. If you have any questions regarding this issue please feel free to ask us.

You can also see in this tutorial that how you can apply to WhatsApp staff to remove ban: How to Remove Ban on WhatsApp Account

Question My Whatsapp number has been permanently banned since one week and I sent many mails to WhatsApp but they are not responding to my mails. Now, when I get out of this problem and when my number is unbanned, How much time it takes to unban my number. What is the Solution for this? Can my number be unban or remains banned???
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When will WhatsApp Answer Your Support Requests?

Since you haven’t got any response from WhatsApp, I would like to answer this before you do something wrong. WhatsApp asks users to send them mails for dispute the ban. If you think that there is something wrong with your ban, you can mail them. (and you did it…) Sometimes it takes time for them to respond those questions. I don’t recommend you to send them emails over and over. Otherwise you can make things more complicated due to only one staff is caring for each dispute applications.

We have seen many applicants for the ban removal and each of them got a response. I recommend you to wait until the get the answer from WhatsApp. You can see an example here: WhatsApp Told Me Decided to Keep Your Account Banned

After make things clear, let’s see how long do WhatsApp bans last…

How Long Do WhatsApp Bans Last?

If you get a negative answer from WhatsApp staff or if you don’t ever get an answer for a long time, sorry but it means your ban is permanent. So it will be forever and you won’t able to use your phone number on the application once more. This means it will not ever last. There is no temporary ban on the application. There is a way to fix it? No… There is not any fix for this. Only a new phone number because your number will be banned in database of the application. You will need to enter that database of… No way…

When my Number Unbanned, How Much Time it Takes to Use WhatsApp Again

If you get answer from WhatsApp and if the answer is positive (remove the ban), your account will start to work immediately. There is not any delay on this.

How Long Do WhatsApp Bans Last

What Should You Do?

All you need to do is wait for response of WhatsApp for another week and please don’t send another mail until they answer you. When you ensure that your ban won’t last, you will need to have a new phone number. Like we have told you, you can dispute against bans but there is not temporary ban in the application.

We told you how long do WhatsApp bans last in this page. If you have any questions, please ask us!

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