If you do not want people to see your profile photo on WhatsApp for sometime (or permanently), there are two ways to do it on Android phones. We are going to tell you how to do that step by step on this page for Android tablets and phones. You will able to hide your picture with our tutorial on this page. If you have any questions to ask, you can leave a comment to this page. You can also check the most popular question and the answer about this issue: How Do I Disallow Others to See My Profile Picture Except A Few Contacts

Once you have hide your picture, no one able to see it and there won’t be any exceptions. WhatsApp didn’t provide those exceptions for us yet. Let’s begin to tell how to hide profile photos.

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How to Hide WhatsApp Profile Photo from Everyone on Android (Step by Step)

You can do the following to disallow others to see your profile picture on WhatsApp Messenger:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger on your Android phone or tablet first.

2-) Tap on three dot WhatsApp menu” where is located top right of the application.

3-) A menu will appear in your screen and you will need to tap on “Settings” on the menu.

4-) Tap “Account” in settings page.

5-) Tap on “Privacy” in account page.

6-) You will see the “Profile Photo” section on the privacy page. Please tap on that.

7-) Three selection will appear on the phone screen, you will need to select “Nobody” from those selections.

Now you are done, no one able to reach your photo and download it.

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Alternative Way to Disallow Others to See Your Profile Photo

This is the alternative way to disallow others to see your profile picture on WhatsApp:

1-) Run WhatsApp on your Android device.

2-) Tap on three dot menu of WhatsApp.

3-) Tap “Settings“.

4-) Tap on your profile picture at the top of the settings page.

5-) There is a camera icon just below of your picture. Please tap on camera icon.

6-) Three options will appear in a popup menu. “Gallery, Camera and Remove photo”. Tap on “Remove Photo“.

And done! You have removed your profile picture now.

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What will Happen if You Disallow Others to See Your Profile Photo

You will be still alive! However your friends and family members won’t see how you look like now. We recommend enable this option for contacts. You can share your profile picture with only contacts with this tutorial: How to Allow Only Contacts to See WhatsApp Profile Photo on Android.

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