How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

Unfortunately there is not any settings for online status on WhatsApp and there is not any trick for this. The best setting for this will be disable last seen on WhatsApp and you can do it with the following steps on Android and iOS devices:

  • Run WhatsApp.
  • Open settings of the application.
  • Tap on Account.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Tap on Last Seen section on privacy page.
  • Select “Nobody” from the options.

You can also take a look at our guideline about how to be invisible on the app: How to Be Invisible on WhatsApp

Please don’t forget that you can’t be hidden on WhatsApp with 100 percent.

Is it Possible to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp Android or iPhone?

Unfortunately it is not possible to hide online status on the app. However if you are going online rarely on the application, better you will set your last seen status as we have described above. You will also need to be careful about these:

  • When you open your account on WhatsApp Web, please don’t forget to close it. Otherwise you will always look online. Please see: WhatsApp Shows I am Online When I am not
  • Please, don’t forget to close the application after you send to message to your friend. If the messenger runs at background, you will be online…
  • If you lock the screen while WhatsApp running, you will still appear online on others. We recommend you to close messenger before locking the screen.

These are very important for you, if you don’t want to appear online at others.

We had a nice questions from a user recently, you will also want to check it about this situation: Is Whatsapp Online Status Accurate?

How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp
How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

Is There Any Other Trick Turn Off Online Status

Unfortunately, there is not any other trick to turn off online status on the application at the moment. It has the common settings and you can’t change this at all since there is not any option for this.


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