Can you Hide that You are Online on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately you can’t hide your online status on WhatsApp. It is because, WhatsApp developers don’t allow their users to be fully invisible. However people who are not in your contact list won’t see if you are online yet. Online feature of the WhatsApp has certain settings which you can’t change at all. These online settings are:

  • Everyone can see your online status.
  • People who are not in your contact list won’t see your online status.
  • If you blocked some contacts, they won’t able to see you online.

You can also see our answer to one of our users about accuracy of online status:

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You can still hide your online status for a few contacts with the steps below.

How to Hide Online Status for Someone on WhatsApp

We recommend you to do the following to hide your online status on WhatsApp:

  • Open your contact list and copy the phone number of individual that you don’t want to see your online status.
  • Open your note application (smartphones have those apps by default).
  • Paste the phone number to your notes.
  • Go to contact list again and delete the contact permanently.
  • When you want your contact to see your online, add her/him again.

If you care for your invisibility on WhatsApp, you can improve it with different settings: How to Be Invisible on WhatsApp

Can you Hide that You are Online on WhatsApp?

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