How to Get Back a WhatsApp Conversation If You Delete It

If you deleted a WhatsApp conversation and if you would like to get it back to your device, this will be a little bit hard for you. Because there is not too much free recovery apps which will help you to restore text chat conversations. There are usually paid ones which we didn’t test them yet. There is only one way to restore your conversations and it is your backups. If you haven’t got any automated backups, you will need a recovery application.

If you would like to recover your pictures instead of the content, you can always use DiskDigger. It is very famous application for recover images back to your device. If you are getting backups properly for your account please see this tutorial: How to Save (Backup) Your Messages on WhatsApp?

Get Back a WhatsApp Conversation on Android

  1. Reinstall WhatsApp to your Android device.
  2. Register to WhatsApp again.
  3. Tap Restore to get back a WhatsApp conversation.
  4. Wait for WhatsApp to restore backups.

I Don’t Have Any Backup on My Android Phone or Tablet

If you don’t have any backup, you will need a recovery application or software. Unfortunately there is not any free application which can resolve your problem at the moment. Since we didn’t test any paid applications, you can check some of them on internet. The most known brands for recover messages:

  • Dr Fone
  • Imyfone

Get Back a WhatsApp Conversation on iOS

  • Reinstall WhatsApp to your iOS device.
  • Register WhatsApp.
  • Restore to get back your conversation.
  • Wait until recover your messages.

How to Get Back a WhatsApp Conversation If You Delete It

Don’t Have a Backup of That Conversation on iPad or iPhone

iTunes is getting backups of devices properly. This can be an alternative solution for you. We recommend you to check “How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from iTunes” tutorial and see if this is going to help you properly to fix your problem. If it doesn’t fix your problem, you will need to look for a paid products as same as we told for Android.

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