How to Get Back a Deleted WhatsApp Account

You have decided to remove your Whatsapp account and you regret. You want to get it back now. If you want to get your account back, you will only need to install the application. Don’t need to do anything else for this. However if you want to recover things with your account, you will need to know a few things while you are getting your Whatsapp account back. If you want to ever ask us something about WhatsApp, please feel free to comment this page. We are going to respond it at Questions and Answer section of this page.

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How to Get Back a Deleted WhatsApp Account

Let’s tell you how to get an WhatsApp account back first.

  1. Go to App Store or Play Store.
  2. Search for WhatsApp application.
  3. Install and download these applications.
  4. Enter your phone number. (Which you were using WhatsApp)

All is good for now but do you want to recover stuffs from your account?

  1. If you enter your phone number which you want to get back, you will get a notification from WhatsApp.
  2. It will ask you if you want to recover old datas from your backup.
  3. Tap on restore to get your old datas.

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I Haven’t Seen Any Notification from WhatsApp to Recover Messages

If you didn’t see any notification while you were trying to recover messages, it means you won’t able to recover them. Because there is not any data which has backup by you. Unfortunately it will be very hard to recover those messages in this situation.

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Questions and Answers

These questions below has been asked by our users on How to Chat Online. We hope that these questions and answers will also guide you, if you have any question in your mind. You can also ask us through commenting this page.

Can I Reactivate My Whatsapp Account after Deleting it?

You can reactivate account and you will use your deleted account without having any problem. Your contacts will still appear on the app because it is completely related with your contact list on your phone.

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