Forgot WhatsApp PIN (Verification Code) and No Email Address, How to Recover?


We have mentioned about why do you need an email address for WhatsApp PIN on our pages which were about two-step verification. If you didn’t provide any email for this service, there is not any technical way to resolve this issue. Installing, reinstalling, downloading WhatsApp from other sources, even changing codes won’t help you for this. Unfortunately all you need to do is waiting and we are going to tell you some information on this page for you and we are going to tell you how to recover your WhatsApp account if you didn’t provide an email for two-step verification.

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How to Recover WhatsApp Account If Forgot PIN Without Email Address

You don’t have much to do for recover account, you will only need to do following:

1-) You will need to wait 6 days minimum, 7 days maximum.

2-) After the long wait, you will able to assign a new (re-verify) PIN for your account and you will able to change your WhatsApp PIN.

3-) After you enter your WhatsApp account 7 days later, we recommend you to remove PIN – two-step account verification feature from the application. So you will not have any trouble with PIN in the feature. If you still want to use two-step verification feature, we recommend you to add an email account to this service.

4-) If you don’t re-verify your PIN as we have told above in 30 days, your account has been deleted. If you want to create a WhatsApp account again, you can do it 30 days later.

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Is There Any Downside of This? Can I Read Messages That I Received in My Absence?

The answer of first question is yes and the second question is no. There is downside of this problem since all messages you have received will be removed 6-7 days later after you re-verify your PIN (verification code). You will not able to read them at all. If you don’t re-verify your account at 30 days, all messages that you received in month will be removed and your account will be deleted.

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Can I Request Support from WhatsApp for Two-step Verification Problem?

You can request support for anything from WhatsApp devs. However you shouldn’t expect much from this problem since solutions we have told you above are the official announce of WhatsApp about the situation. If you ever ask for support, they will respond you with the same solution ways. However you can still give a try and seek help from them.

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    • You cannot do much about this unfortunately. You will need to wait if you have not enabled your email.


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