Forgot WhatsApp PIN (Verification Code) and No Email Address, How to Recover?

We have mentioned about why do you need an email address for WhatsApp PIN on our pages which were about two-step verification. If you didn’t provide any email for this service, there is not any technical way to resolve this issue. Installing, reinstalling, downloading WhatsApp from other sources, even changing codes won’t help you for this. Unfortunately all you need to do is waiting and we are going to tell you some information on this page for you and we are going to tell you how to recover your WhatsApp account if you didn’t provide an email for two-step verification.

How to Recover WhatsApp Account If Forgot PIN Without Email Address

You don’t have much to do for recover account, you will only need to do following:

1-) You will need to wait 6 days minimum, 7 days maximum.

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2-) After the long wait, you will able to assign a new (re-verify) PIN for your account and you will able to change your WhatsApp PIN.

3-) After you enter your WhatsApp account 7 days later, we recommend you to remove PIN – two-step account verification feature from the application. So you will not have any trouble with PIN in the feature. If you still want to use two-step verification feature, we recommend you to add an email account to this service.

4-) If you don’t re-verify your PIN as we have told above in 30 days, your account has been deleted. If you want to create a WhatsApp account again, you can do it 30 days later.

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Is There Any Downside of This? Can I Read Messages That I Received in My Absence?

The answer of first question is yes and the second question is no. There is downside of this problem since all messages you have received will be removed 6-7 days later after you re-verify your PIN (verification code). You will not able to read them at all. If you don’t re-verify your account at 30 days, all messages that you received in month will be removed and your account will be deleted.

Can I Request Support from WhatsApp for Two-step Verification Problem?

You can request support for anything from WhatsApp devs. However you shouldn’t expect much from this problem since solutions we have told you above are the official announce of WhatsApp about the situation. If you ever ask for support, they will respond you with the same solution ways. However you can still give a try and seek help from them. Also please ensure that you haven’t changed your email if you enabled it.

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Questions and Answers – Forgot WhatsApp PIN and No Email Address, How to Recover?

Having Trouble with WhatsApp Two-step Verification Code on Android


I have problem with register my WhatsApp account , i don’t know what is my verification code. Please note that I have not added an email to this feature.


I am very sorry for the trouble you have faced with WhatsApp. We have mentioned importance of adding an email for this service at most of our pages about WhatsApp two-step verification, otherwise you will face with many difficulties which has no solution at all. If you haven’t added an email address to this service of WhatsApp, you should know a few important stuff about the situation and you will need to do the following:

How to Fix

1-) You will need to wait for 6/7 days to recover your account again.

2-) 6/7 days later, you will need to enter to the WhatsApp messenger. A screen for PIN verify will appear on your screen. You will need to assign a new PIN (code) with 6 digits to application. If you want to disable this service from WhatsApp about 6-7 days later, you can follow this instructions: How to Remove/Disable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification on Android.

3-) If you ever go on to use PIN code, you can see the tutorial for adding an email address on here: How to Add Email Address for WhatsApp Two-step Verification on Android

4-) (This is just for information, I don’t think you will wait that long.) Alternatively, If you cannot enter your account about 30 days, it has been deleted by WhatsApp. You will able to create a new account 30 days later.

5-) Reinstalling the application or trying to download and installing another version of the application won’t help you to fix that problem. Actually there is no solution for such PIN forgot problems.

6-) WhatsApp won’t also provide any support for that since their official solution for this problem is waiting for 7 days at the moment. If the situation changes, we are going to update this content.

What will happen after I recover my account about 7 days later?

You should also know that:
All messages that you have sent to you in those 7 days will be removed. It means you will lose all messages that you haven’t read on WhatsApp Messenger.

How to Recover WhatsApp Pin without Email?

Unfortunately you can’t recover WhatsApp Pin without an email address at all. There is not any way to recover Pin Code but email address. Unfortunately you can’t get your verification code back with reinstalling trick too. You will need to wait for 7 days.

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  1. How to know I registered email ID for two step verification or not? If i forgot which email id I provide for WhatsApp two step verification? How to know it?

    • Hello Vicky,
      I don’t know how much email address you have or you remember all your mails. Personally whenever I doubt about a registered mail, I login into my all emails and search them all with the keyword. You will need to search WhatsApp in your email addresses, after you want to recover your PIN. If you have registered an email, you will receive recover instructions.

    • Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t respond questions and support requests always. Actually there is nothing to ask about this issue. People who has forgot their PIN code should wait for 7 days.

  2. Someone hacked my Whatsapp and i’ve contacted the support team.. I registered my number but they were asking for two-step verification pin! Problem is, i never enable this feature. In this situation, is there any way to solve my problem? Or i have no choice unless wait for 7 days to reregister?

    • Hello Shasha,
      I think the person who has hacked your WhatsApp account enabled the pin. That is annoying. I think you should contact to WhatsApp about this again. However as far as I know, they don’t help much about PIN issues. If you tell them that your account has been hacked, maybe they can make an exception for your situation. Otherwise you will need to wait for 7 days. There is not any other way to resolve this issue because PIN codes are related with accounts directly. If it was a code based on application, reinstallation could work but unfortunately it is not…

  3. Hello !
    Somone hacked my whatsapp and enable two step verification , and I don’t know the pin code , how can I recover my whatsapp.

  4. If I don’t get a re-verification pin in 7 days than what I have to do kindly help. Kindly reply on my mailing address

    • Hello Usman,
      Good question! Welcome to How to Chat Online. You will able to renew your pin after 7 days. No need to worry about that! WhatsApp will ask you to change it.

  5. I forgot My whatsapp two step verification code… How can WhatsApp send verification code to my email address? I am waiting for your response.

    • Hello Bilal,
      It seems you didn’t enable Email address option for recovering PIN code. Unfortunately, you will need to wait 7 days to fix this problem. There is not any other way to fix this problem or WhatsApp won’t help you to recover your PIN code as you wish.

    • Hello,
      The limit for WhatsApp Pin is about 7 days, then you will need to renew your PIN. If you are blocked since 11 days, you will need to contact to support of the application. is their support address.

    • Hello Cypher,
      You can’t get the PIN without an email address, your question already added to our Questions and Answers section of the page since there are also other users who are asking similar questions.

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