People can make friends from abroad easily with the help of chat websites and social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. If you got someone’s phone number on a social networking platform and if you would like to call someone (who is living abroad) with WhatsApp, you can do it easily. However you won’t able to add someone without phone number at all, or you can guess someone’s phone randomly as we have told in “How to Add Someone from Another Country” guideline.

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You won’t also charged by WhatsApp for calling someone abroad. WhatsApp is providing call and video call services completely through your internet connection. This service is not provided by Mobile Networking companies, so you won’t charges at all. It is something like free version of staff. If you do not know about your partner’s country phone code (or if you do not know your country’s phone code), we recommend you to check our “What is My Country Code for WhatsApp” guideline. You will find information on there about country codes. You can ask us about WhatsApp through our community, contact us page and Q&A service. You can also comment on this page below. Please scroll down/swipe down to reach comment section.

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