Do You Lose Messages if You Uninstall WhatsApp

Do you worry that you will lose your messages if you uninstall WhatsApp? You will find solutions for your concerns about losing messages at uninstall process on here and you can also find out some good tips. If you have any questions, you can ask us below at the comment section.

Do You Lose Messages if You Uninstall WhatsApp

If you don’t get the recent backup your messages, you will lose all messages on WhatsApp Messenger. If you get the backup you won’t lose any messenger. Please see the guide about how to backup on iPhone: How to Backup Chats on WhatsApp iPhone

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Please see the guide about backup on Android: How to Save (Backup) Your Messages on WhatsApp?

After you backup your conversations, you can feel free to uninstall WhatsApp. If you ever decide to install it to your device again, you will receive a notification at login process. WhatsApp will ask you to recover your message and you will need to confirm this.

We also recommend you to see this guide if you want to know what will happen after you uninstall the app: If You Uninstall Whatsapp will Contacts Know About it?

Questions and Answers

These are some questions which are related with this issue. They have been asked by our users through commenting this page. You can also ask us your questions on here.

If I Uninstall Whatsapp Will I Lose my Messages?

As we have told in our guide above, you need to get the most recent backup, if you don’t want to lose messages. Otherwise you will lose all of your messages or a portion of your messages.

If I Delete Whatsapp Messenger and Reinstall, Will I Get Messages Back?

If you are getting backup your messages properly, yes… You will get your messages back. If you don’t get any back up, you will lose all your conversations in the application. We recommend you to take backup of your conversations before you remove the app from your device.

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