Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp

The difference between clearing and delete chats in WhatsApp is only deleting whole chats list on the main screen of the app or emptying them all. When you clear chats in the app, you will only delete conversations which you made. However your chat windows will not be deleted. If you delete a chat, all conversations and chat windows will be removed. When you have backed up your chats, you will not lose any data and conversations. However if you didn’t backup, you are going to lose all those conversations you made.

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What is the Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp?

You can also delete or delete all chats on the application. The result will be the same as we have mentioned above. You will delete all messages with the delete options (chats are included), however all chat screens remain with the clear option. If you have any questions regarding this issue please let us know. We are going to give you more information about that. You can ask your questions via commenting this page.

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Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp
Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp

Can You Recover Your Messages?

There are two scenario for recovering your messages. The first scenario is that you didn’t any backup before you clear or delete chats. If you haven’t done this, you will not able to recover your messages at all. The second scenarios is you have got backup of your chats before you remove them. If you did, so check this guideline: How to Recover Messages on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

The guideline will help you about both Android and iOS devices. If you are using another operating system please contact us. We are going to respond you as soon as possible.

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