Deleted WhatsApp Messenger but Account Still Visible

You have deleted your WhatsApp Messenger but your account still visible when you check it from friends phone? This problem is happening because you didn’t delete your account on WhatsApp Messenger. This is the only reason of this, because you won’t able to see your profile when you delete your account. Let’s tell you how to delete WhatsApp Messenger on Android and iPhone devices…

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Deleted WhatsApp Messenger but Account Still Visible

You will need to do the following steps for iPhone or iPad devices:

  • Run WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap settings on the bottom menu of the application. (the cog icon)
  • Select Account.
  • Tap Delete My Account.
  • Enter your phone number to the required field.
  • Finally tap on Delete My Account.

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For Android phones and tablets, please do the following steps:

  • Run Android on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap three dots menu of WhatsApp.
  • Select settings from the menu.
  • Tap on Account.
  • Tap on “Delete my account” section.
  • Enter your current phone number.
  • Tap “Delete My Account” to remove your account.

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Why My WhatsApp Account Still Exists Despite of Deleted the App?

Actually there are many answers of this question. We believe the most important one is data protection. Many people need their data on WhatsApp due to their business, family things, studies and etc. Sometimes we can get errors and problems on applications and we need to reinstall them. If we have lost all data with reinstallation, that could bring many problem to us. We could lose important datas on the app and that could be a problem.

However account delete option gives you chance for removing all your data from WhatsApp. Many people don’t know this option and they think they can remove their account from WhatsApp with uninstalling the application. You will need to do the following steps above to remove your data.

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