Can I Delete WhatsApp Messages from Receiver’s Phone?

Firstly we should admit that we have mentioned about this on our several content on How to Chat Online. However one of our users have asked that if she can delete WhatsApp messages from receiver’s phone. The question is coming from Montebello, California, United States of America. The exact question is:

“Hello, I am a Salvadoran living in Montebello, USA. I just moved here a few months ago and started to relationship with someone. We broke up recently. It annoys me that he has my message in his phone. Is it possible to remove those messages from his phone?”

Can I Delete WhatsApp Messages from Receiver’s Phone?

Sorry for your trouble but unfortunately you can’t delete WhatsApp messages from receiver’s phone after 1 hour you sent the message. Since you had a relationship with your contact for a while, you had several conversations with him. It won’t be possible to delete those messages with legal ways. There is a delete for everyone option on WhatsApp but it is work for limited time (1 hour after you sent message).

We are not telling illegal ways on our website to do it. You can find several source which you can help you about this on internet. However most of them are not trusted. Maybe you will need to hire someone for this. However we don’t recommend illegal ways to do it at all. Otherwise it may end up at judgment seat.

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Can I Delete WhatsApp Messages from Receiver's Phone?

So How Can You Remove Those Messages?

The best way to do it, asking your contact to do it nicely. Actually this is the only legal way to remove those messages that you have sent. Telling him/her “you have good memories but you are no longer together now. You want to have those good memories always” can help you. We are sure that you know that person better than us. So make a speech which will touch his/her heart in friendly manner.

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