If You Delete Whatsapp Chat, Can Other Person See It?

If you delete a chat on your WhatsApp Messenger account, no one will able to see it and other person won’t get any notification about that. So it will be totally private for you to clear and delete chats. Otherwise it could be too hard to use the application with privacy concerns. WhatsApp doesn’t notify users until you delete messages for everyone. As we have recommended for our users recently, “delete message for everyone” should be only use for privacy concerns and for messages which has been sent accidentally.

When you delete message for everyone, your message is disappearing on the chat at all. However messages are replacing with “This message was deleted” text. Other people won’t read your message at all. They will understand you have sent something them but they won’t know anything about the message.

What Happens When You Delete or Clean WhatsApp Chat

When you delete a message to clean your chat screen, these things will happen and won’t happen:

  • If you didn’t backup your conversation, you will lose all chats.
  • You can recover your chats back if you are getting backup often.
  • All chats will be removed from the main screen of WhatsApp Messenger.
  • No one will get any notification that chat has been deleted.
  • No one will get any message or something similar that chat has been deleted.
  • If you clean a chat, all conversations will be cleaned but chat window will still remain.
  • Other person won’t get any notification or a message when you clean a chat.
If You Delete Whatsapp Chat Can Other Person See It
If You Delete Whatsapp Chat Can Other Person See It

You can see all differences between delete and clean WhatsApp Chat on this tutorial: Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp

If You Delete Whatsapp Chat, Can Other Person See It?

So if you delete whatsApp chat, other person can’t see anything about it. Because he won’t receive any notification or any other information about this. If you would like to delete all your current chats on WhatsApp, there is also a good guide about this in our tutorials.

That’s all things which will happen when you delete or clean a chat. However we recommend you to get a backup if you have important conversations. Otherwise it will be almost impossible to recover those chats.

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