WhatsApp Delete for Everyone not Showing

We have already introduced removing messages for everyone on WhatsApp in our recent pages. Now we are going to go on to give detailed information about this feature on How to Chat Online. Sometimes people are thinking that this feature has some bugs and they think that WhatsApp delete for everyone not showing on the settings of the app. However this is not because of any bug or problem with the application.

We are going to give information on this issue on today for you. If you think that you are really facing with a bug on the application, please feel free to ask us through our support page or commenting with the fields below.

Why Delete for Everyone not Showing?

There is only one reason of that this setting doesn’t show on the application. You are trying to remove your message more than an hour. Yes… There is a time limit for deleting WhatsApp messages. The deadline to remove a message from WhatsApp is about 1 hour.

There are also case studies about that shows that it is about 1 hour 6 minutes 16 seconds exactly. If you wait more than an hour to delete a message, it is highly likely that delete for everyone not showing for you on the application.

Why Delete for Everyone not even Showing Despite of 1 Hour Limit

If 1 hour didn’t pass but you can’t see the delete for everyone option on the application, it means you are facing with a bug on the application. There is a common procedure to fix such bugs. You can resolve your problem with those solutions, you will need to contact WhatsApp for that.


Method 1)

  • Go Apps > Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > StorageClear cache and data.
  • Restart Phone.
  • Run WhatsApp.

Method 2)

See: How to Reinstall WhatsApp

iPhone and Other iOS

Method 1)

Please see: How to Reinstall WhatsApp on iPhone

Since you can clear cache and data of an application with only reinstallation on iPhone, there is only 1 method for iPhone.

Delete for Everyone not Showing

How to Remove a Message in an Hour

  • Run WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.
  • Go to conversation that you want to remove a message.
  • Tap and hold on the message you want to delete.
  • Tap on delete.
  • Delete for Everyone.

Why can’t I Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp

It is highly likely that you are trying to remove your message after an hour later. Since there is 1 hour time limit to delete those messages on WhatsApp. The other possibility is you are facing with a bug on WhatsApp Messenger.

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