How to Change Phone Number on WhatsApp Android

If you would like to move your phone number to another phone number and if your current WhatsApp account is in an Android device, this tutorial will help you about changing your number. If you are using iPhone or any other iOS device, you can click here to learn about this process. You will get a detailed information about moving WhatsApp messenger to a new number on that guideline too. If you are using Android, go ahead and read the content at next paragraph. You will find the step by step guide on there. Let’s begin how to change the number.

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How to Change Phone Number on WhatsApp Android (Step by Step)

Do the following steps to change your phone number on Android device:

1-) Tap on WhatsApp icon and run it in your device.

2-) Tap on “three dot menu” of WhatsApp messenger.

3-) Tap on Settings on the menu which will appear on your screen.


4-) Tap on “Account” on the settings page.


5-) Tap Change Number section on the account page..

6-) Tap “Next” at the top right of the screen.


7-) Add your old phone number and your new phone number to the required fields and tap “Done”.

You will need to follow the instructions which WhatsApp going to guide you now. A new verification code will be sent to your new phone number. So we recommend you to keep your new number close to you at all these stages.

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What will You Move to Your New Account, If You Change Your Phone Number?

When you change your phone number, you won’t get an empty account of course. You will also move some data to new number. These are:

1-) Everything about your account will be moved. These are not chat though. Generally things you have setup for WhatsApp. Example: Your account name, your about text, account info (privacy settings, security settings, two-step verification settings”).

2-) All settings you have done for WhatsApp on your phone will also work on your new phone number.

3-) You won’t able to retrieve the individual chats but group chats will still remain at your new phone number.

4-) Your profile picture will be also migrated to your new account.

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Things to Do Before Changing Your Phone Number

1-) Please make sure that you can get sms with your new phone number. We recommend you to not to use phone numbers that you cannot receive SMS, otherwise you are going to fail.

2-) Make sure that you have verified (through SMS at the beginning of installing application to your phone) your current (old) phone number has been verified.

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