How to Change Notification Sounds of WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

If you would like to receive your message notifications on WhatsApp with different sounds, How to Chat Online is going to provide a nice guideline for you on this page. You will change the defaults of your notification sounds with this changes. However if you would like to change notification sounds of a single contact or a group, please take a look at one of these guides which has been published by How to Chat Online: How to Assign Custom Notification Sounds for Someone on WhatsApp iPhone / How to Change Notification Sound for a WhatsApp Group on iPhone. We will provide images for you each steps below. We recommend you to take a look at them before applying those steps. Let’s begin to tell you how to change notification sounds of WhatsApp Messages on iPhone or iPad.

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How to Change Notification Sounds of WhatsApp Messages on iPhone (Step by Step with Images)

You can learn how to change notification sounds of WhatsApp messages on iPhone and other iOS devices below:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone or iPad device. These steps are also same for iPad.

2-) Tap on Settings on the bottom menu of the application.

3-) Swipe down a little bit at the settings menu of the application and please tap on “Notifications” button when you see it.

4-) After you tap on Notifications, there will be a few options for you. You will need to tap on “Sound” button which is just located under of “Message Notifications”.

5-) Allo tones (sounds) will appear in a list for you. Select one of these sounds from the lists and then tap on save.

That’s all. Now your default settings for message notifications has been changed. You can change your notifications again with the same steps above. If you fail to do these steps, you can ask us about the problem that you faced.

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