Can’t Add Stickers to WhatsApp: How to Fix?

This is very recent problems of the latest update of the WhatsApp. If you can’t add new stickers of the WhatsApp, it is because of the recent update. We will try provide some solutions for you however generally sticker app developers need to make changes in their applications to fix this problem. They should keep up with recent changes with recent WhatsApp updates. Since WhatsApp made some changes on the stickers, most of users can’t add stickers to WhatsApp at the moment.

Can’t Add Stickers to WhatsApp, How to Fix It?

  • Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache and Data
  • Also Settings > Apps > Your Sticker App > Storage > Clear Cache and Data
  • Restart your Android phone.
  • Check if stickers are working now.

Since iPhone hasn’t any options like this, you will need to reinstall WhatsApp to your device if you can’t add stickers to WhatsApp. Please see the steps below for that. If all steps above didn’t work for you, you will also need reinstall the application on Android too.

Resolve Stickers Problem with Re-installation

  • Backup WhatsApp.
  • Close the application on your phone.
  • Go to main screen of your phone.
  • Tap & hold WhatsApp icon.
  • Select uninstall from the menu on Android or select x button on iPhone.
  • Go to Play Store or App Store.
  • Install WhatsApp.

Now you are done with iPhone devices too. Unfortunately iPhone doesn’t have any settings for clearing cache and data of apps. So you will need to uninstall and install the application as we have shown you above. If you have any questions regarding stickers please ask us.

Can't Add Stickers to WhatsApp How to Fix

Other Stickers Problems Which Occurred After Latest Update

There are also two other sticker problems occured after the recent update of the WhatsApp. Some users has lost their stickers which already exists and some users can’t send stickers at the moment. If you are having one of those stickers problems, you can check our solutions below…

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