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Status is one of the new features of WhatsApp and you can share your feelings or current position with this feature on the application. So you will let everyone know what do you feel or what are you doing at the moment. However after recent update, some people couldn’t able to update their status on the app. We will provide some solutions for you on here to fix this issue. If you don’t know how to update your status, please check our guidelines for that: WhatsApp Status on iOS and WhatsApp Status on Android.

Things You can Do for Fix Status Update Problem

You cannot do much for this problem but you can try a few ways to fix it. That will be easy for you, you can do the following:

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  • If there is any available updates, please update your application. After new updates published, some of features of the applications don’t work properly. Get more information on updating WhatsApp on Android. Get more information about how to update WhatsApp on iOS devices.
  • If you don’t need to update or if updating WhatsApp doesn’t fix your problem, try clean cache and data from your phone or tablet device. That will help you to have a fresh start with the application. Click here to get information on clean caching and data.
  • If cleaning cache and data didn’t work for you, the last thing you should do is reinstalling your application. However we recommend you to be careful if you have old type phones. Click here to read our reinstall guide.

If all these steps didn’t work for you at all, you will need to contact developers and let them know about the issue. However they generally fix such problems with a new update. So you will need to wait for it. At some situations, you can receive answers from the support but not always.

Click here to read about how to contact WhatsApp support.

Is There Any Other Way to Fix This Issue

There is only one way to fix status update issue.

  • If you have any other smart phone which you can use, you can use that to join WhatsApp one more time. Don’t forget to add your contacts to your secondary phone though. If you don’t have any secondary phone, we recommend you to wait until next update. Status problem doesn’t worth to buy a new phone.

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