You can get multiple errors after updates on WhatsApp, there are many reasons of that. Getting errors while sending messages or permanent loading is one of these problems. It generally get fixed after a new update. However we are going to tell you a few ways to get rid of this problem on here.

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Solutions for Can’t Send Messages on WhatsApp

Removing Data and Cache of Application

Removing data and cache of the application can be a solution for you. This is the easiest way to fix such problems on apps and the most effective way. However this doesn’t work every time and may be you will need to reinstall the app. To removing data and cache of the app you can do the following steps:

  • Close WhatsApp first and ensure that it’s not running on your device.
  • Go “Settings” of your phone or tablet device
  • Select “General” from the settings menu.
  • Touch on Application Manager.
  • Select WhatsApp from the application list you see on Application Manager.
  • Touch on Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

If this didn’t work for you, please follow the steps below.

Reinstalling WhatsApp

Reinstalling is longer way to fix an error than removing data and cache and you can try this way as a second solution. We have already told you how to reinstall WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad and Android for you in our recent pages.

  • Click here to learn how to reinstall WhatsAPP on iPhone and Android devices.

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I Can’t Still Send Messages on WhatsApp. What Should I Do?

If you cannot still send messages with the tips we have told you above, you will need to contact to WhatsApp. They don’t generally fix these errors instantly but they do in the next update. We know it’s annoying but you can still give a try to contact to support of the app. There a few ways to contact to WhatsApp support.

You can get more information on that on How to Chat Online with clicking here.

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