Can Whatsapp Messages be Traced after Deleted?

Jonathan A. Zdziarski has told that WhatsApp Messages can be traced even after you delete your messages on the application and if police or someone else wants to recover those messages, it can be easily done. The Telegraph has also mentioned about this on the news about 2 years ago. Zdziarski  has told that it is not enough to delete, archive your messages to truly delete them from your phone. Zdziarski mentioned about the issue with a long article on his own blog, we recommend you to check it:

The famous hacker also provided a good information about how to fix issue and how to provide more privacy to WhatsApp users. There are also detailed information on how messages can be traced after deleted on Android and iPhone devices.

Can Whatsapp Messages be Traced by Police after Deleted?

According to Jonathan A. Zdziarski’s long explanation in the article, Police can trace WhatsApp Messages easily after deleted. If you even protect your messages with password, this won’t work at all if there is a law about this in your country.

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Can Whatsapp Messages be Traced after Deleted?
Can Whatsapp Messages be Traced after Deleted?

How to Delete All Messages

  • You will need to use a good backup password for this. However if there is a law enforcements about passwords on your country, you will need to provide it.
  • Don’t backup your chats at all on WhatsApp and reinstall WhatsApp everyday.
  • According to Zdziarski use pair locking with Configurator. You can find more informations about this in the Zdziarski’s blog.

These are the most common ways to stay away from this issue.

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