Can Removed People See Last Conversations on WhatsApp Group

You have removed some people on WhatsApp group and are you curious that if they can see messages before they are removed? We had a question from our user that “Can Removed People See Last Conversations on WhatsApp Group?” to How to Chat Online. The full question description is:

Removed People from WhatsApp Group can See the Last Conversation Before Their Removal? If you remove someone from a whatsapp group, can they see previous messages in the group that were not deliver to them at the time of the removal?

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So, you have a conversation with others on the group, but the person X has their phone shut down and the messages are not delivered. Then you remove person X. When they open whatsapp, will they just see that they got remove or will they also see the last conversation before their removal?”

Can Removed People See Last Conversations on WhatsApp Group?


Thank you very much for descriptive and nice question. Shortly your questions answers are “yes”. They will see that they are not in group and they will see all last conversations. We have made a test for you in our phones, we believe that our screenshots will be descriptive more than anything else.

  • Firstly I have added my colleague (HCO staff) to a new group and she closed the phone at all.
  • I sent a few messages her.
  • Then I have removed her from group immediately as you have seen in the first picture below.
  • Then she opened her phone and she received all messages. See Picture 2 below.
  • I already seen that she has received messages with blue ticks in the group. See Picture 1 below.

Group Admin’s Screenshot:

Removed Person Screenshot:

We recommend you to check our guideline for removing a message for everyone on singular and group chats:

This will help you and guide you for deleting messages.

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