Can People Send Virus via WhatsApp?

If you think that your iOS or Android device has a virus and it can be because of WhatsApp, you are wrong. It is impossible to send virus via this messenger. People only can send images and videos through this application. So people can not hack you or send virus. However you should be careful about the people who are trying to send website links to you.

If you don’t know who is that person, don’t touch the link. So you will be in safe. You can also report that person to WhatsApp. It is not also possible to send virus through images and video files. So you can take a look at videos (not embed ones) and pictures that you have received safely.

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Can People Send Virus Through Images and Videos on WhatsApp Messenger?

No, they can not send virus to you through images and videos. However they can send you some fake video links which will redirect you to a malicious website. So you should be careful about that.

What to Do for Avoiding Viruses on WhatsApp?

  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know. If you would like to talk to strangers, you can always give a try to applications like Chatous. There is iPhone and Android version of the application.
  • Don’t click/tap on links which comes from strangers. WhatsApp is a large community and sometimes people can find your phone number through different ways. They can send your links which will redirect you to malicious websites.
  • Don’t tap on links which doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes your friends can get viruses too and this viruses can send people those links. If you receive a link like this, you should take a look at that. If the link name doesn’t make any sense, don’t touch it and remove the message.
  • Have an anti-virus application on your phone. There are several free antivirus applications for iOS and Android.



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One thought on “Can People Send Virus via WhatsApp?

  • March 30, 2018 at 3:35 am

    Someone sent me a link through Whatsapp and it took my attention. I just clicked on that and got several malwares in my phone browser. It is Samsung Galaxy A8’s browser and whenever I want to surf on internet, it redirects me to ads. Please help! How can I clean it?


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