Can People See Me Online on WhatsApp if They are not in Contacts?

WhatsApp has many good features and there are many settings in the application. You can make changes for several things with those settings. If you are curious that if people can see you on WhatsApp Messenger if they are not in your contact list, you can get the answer of your question on here. We have already created this content with a question of our users. You can ask us if you have any questions. Please mail to for any questions.

Can People See Me Online on WhatsApp if They are not in Contacts?

People can’t see you online if they are not in your contact list. You can’t setup anything about your online status. Because online status settings are certain, you cannot also be invisible on WhatsApp fully. You can see how to be become invisible on WhatsApp as much as you can with our guideline on How to Chat Online: How to Be Invisible on WhatsApp

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If you can’t see someone’s online status, you can also look at the following guide for more information about the issue: WhatsApp Does not Show Online Status

Who will See Your Online Status on WhatsApp?

All of people who are in your contact list will able to see your online status anytime. However online status doesn’t leave any information at the behind. If you don’t want people to know your last online time, you will need to change privacy settings. You can check our guide on How to Chat Online for changing last seen status: How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen on Android

If you are using an iOS device, you can also check following guide: How to Disable Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone

You will see all related settings on that guide. If you have any questions related with WhatsApp, feel free to ask us.

Can Non Contacts See Me Online on Whatsapp

Online status is not changeable. So you will not able to change privacy settings of this at all. A non contact can’t see you online at all on WhatsApp. It is also a good way to hide from someone temporarily. (Deleting a contact for a short time.)

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