Can not Send Videos to Friends on WhatsApp

Sending videos to your friends is one of the best ways for sharing your happy moments. However this feature don’t work on WhatsApp at times. We will tell you why doesn’t it work and how to solve this problem on this page. If you are having similar problems with the application, you will find solutions on here. This problem may occur any device with any OS. This is not generally happens because of the phone use and the application. This error generally happens because of the network you use. However there are also various reasons if you can not send videos to your friends. You will get informed all about these errors and how to fix them on this page.

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Can not Send Videos and Video Messages on WhatsApp, How to Fix?

Firstly please check permissions for iOS and Android:

Android Permissions for Sending Videos:

Settings > Apps (Applications) > Application Manager (That doesn’t exist at every device) > WhatsApp > Permissions > Ensure that Camera and Storage are enabled.

iOS Permissions for Sending Videos:

Settings > WhatsApp > Ensure that Camera and Photos are enabled.

Can not Send Videos to Friends on WhatsApp

Alternative Ways to Fix Can not Send Videos Problem

If you can not still send videos or video messages on WhatsApp, you will need to do following steps…

  1. Check updates of the application, if any update needed please do it. You can check updates from official website of the WhatsApp (WhatsApp blog), App Store, Google play and stores of other operating systems. You can learn how to update the application on Android and how to update it on iOS on How to Chat Online.
  2. You need to have good GSM or Wi-Fi signal to send videos. If you have poor connection, you may even face with errors while sending messages on WhatsApp. If you have alternative internet connection, try connect it and try send the video or video message again.
  3. Don’t use unofficial versions of the application. We recommend you to download application only from Google Play, App Store, Official WhatsApp Website and other OS stores. If you have downloaded the application from somewhere else, you will need to reinstall it.
  4. If you can’t fix the problem, try contact WhatsApp through e-mail.

If you have any other troubles with send videos or video messages, you can comment this page and ask your questions, you can also ask any questions in our Questions and Answers service. If WhatsApp videos are not working, please check our related tutorial about that.

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