How to Fix Blurry WhatsApp Video Call

If your WhatsApp video calls are blurry and you can’t see the people very well on the application, you can also see our suggestions for performance improvement. We are going to provide some tips for you to fix blurry WhatsApp video call on this page for you. We recommend you to backup WhatsApp before starting our steps below.

How to Fix Blurry WhatsApp Video Call

  • Run WhatsApp Messenger
  • Tap Settings
  • Select Data and Storage Usage.
  • Enable Low Data Usage.

This is not finished yet. You will need to do the following steps which depends on what kind of connection you have.

4.5G Connection and Above

  • Go Phone Settings > Connections > Disable Wi-Fi > Go Back > Data Usage > Enable Mobile data.
  • Ensure that you have 4.5G connection or above.
  • Run WhatsApp.
  • Make video call.

If you don’t have 4.5G connection or above, you will need to do the following settings.

Wi-Fi Connection

  • Go Phone Settings > Connections > Data Usage > Disable mobile data > Go back > Wi-Fi > Enable Wi-Fi
  • Ensure that your WiFi is connected.
  • Run WhatsApp.
  • Test your video call with WiFi connection.

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If you don’t also have WiFi connection, you can use 3G or 4G connections for video call. However 3G connection will not help you much about fixing this problem. If you do the steps in second paragraph, there will be still an improvement in your video calls though.

If you have any questions regarding fixing this problem on the application, please let us know. You can leave a feedback to us with commenting this page.

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