WhatsApp is a very good application which also cares for your privacy. We will mention about allowing only contacts to see profile picture and settings of that for Android on this page. You will find a detailed step by step guideline at the next paragraph on here. You can also find many other good and interesting guides about WhatsApp on How to Chat Online. We recommend you to take a look at our WhatsApp category or make a search about the app on our website. If you are also looking for something particular, you can click here to ask us. One of our staff is going to respond you as soon as possible. Let’s begin to tell how to enable your WhatsApp profile photo to your contacts only.

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How to Allow Only Contacts to See WhatsApp Profile Photo on Android (Step by Step)

You need to do the following steps to allow your contacts only for your profile picture:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device.

2-) Make sure that you are in “Chats” page and tap on three dot menu of WhatsApp

3-) The menu will appear on the page after you tap on “Settings“.

4-) Tap on “Account” on the settings page.

5-) Tap “Privacy” to go to the page about profile picture.

6-) Now tap “Profile Photo” to make changes in your account.

7-) A page will appear on your screen after you tapped “Profile Photo”, now you need to select “My Contacts“.

You are done. Now people won’t see your profile picture if they are not in your contact list.

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What will Happen if I Hide My Profile Picture from Everyone?

We believe that allowing profile picture to only contacts is an advantage for you and you will care about your privacy with these changes. However if you ever change your mind you can change back things with the similar steps above or you can click here to see tutorial. You can also ask us questions with commenting at the section below.

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