5xx Server Error on Web WhatsApp

5xx Server Error generally occurs because of problems with WhatsApp Web servers. Many users got this error today and they couldn’t fix the problem. We are going to tell you what is this error and why are you getting it, on this page. We hope this will be a useful tutorial for you. There is a solution for this error? Not at the moment. However we still provide a solution for you which will help you to understand if error occurs because of your connection or Whatsapp itself.

What is 5xx Server Error?

5xx errors generally occurs when sever have problems with an app or scripts. This can also happen because of maintenance. So it means when you get this problem on your computer, this is generally related with the website that you connect. So you don’t have much options against it other than waiting. However at some situations, 5xx error can be a problem for your computer too. This generally about the network that use. So you will need to change your network to connect to the website. proxies and VPN services can help you about this.

How to Resolve 5xx Server Error on Web WhatsApp

5xx Server Error on Web WhatsApp

We recommend you to test your connection to see if the problem occured because of your network connection. Download ultrasurf from a website. Unzip the file and run the exe file. Then open your browser and visit web.whatsapp.com. See if you can connect to the website. If you can’t connect to the website, it means the problem is world-wide. It also means that there are problems with WhatsApp servers. You will need to wait WhatsApp to fix the server problem.

If you can connect to the website, the situation changes. It means you are having problem with your network. We recommend you to restart your internet connection for this case.

FAQ about 5xx Server Error

+What is 5xx server error on Whatsapp Web?

This error occurs in the browser version of WhatsApp. This problem is generally related with the server of WhatsApp.

+ How to fix 5xx server error?

Unfortunately you don’t have much to do against this problem. You will need to wait WhatsApp developers to fix the problem with server.

+ How much should you wait for the problem fix?

Generally this problem getting fixed by WhatsApp developers in an hour.

You will want to contact WhatsApp if this problem exists for a while.

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