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If you would like to save your chat history in your phone on WhatsApp, you can easily do that on the application. These backups will allow you to recover your old conversations. If you think that you will need your old chat logs in the future, activating this section will be the best option for you. If you will delete WhatsApp application from your iPhone or Android, however if you don’t want to lose your messages, this will be also a good for you to activate. You can also save your chat history manually on the application. If you have any questions about that, you can ask on here. You can also use our Question service.


Why will You Need to Save Your Messages?

There can be various reasons that you will need your messages in the future.

  • You will need your messages for not to forget conversations which you have talked with someone just you have met.
  • You will need your messages if you have talked important business issues.
  • You will need them if you ever got important message from someone which you will need in the future.

I Didn’t Save My Messages, How can I Restore?

If you haven’t saved your WhatsApp messages, unfortunately you have nothing to do with that. You won’t able to restore it at all since you didn’t backup them and uninstalled all WhatsApp files.

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