What is Hinge?

Hinge is not one of the traditional dating apps in the industry. This particular dating app focuses on finding partners who will be suitable for its users not only in casual relationships but also in emotional relationships. The Hinge app was launched in 2012 and underwent significant changes in 2015. Hinge can be downloaded to your smartphone on iPhone and Android devices. Users can see the profile they match and find out if they have mutual friends. This ensures that you and your profile are safe and you can start a conversation with the person.

Hinge does not want its users to scroll through user profiles without purpose. The main reason Hinge is here is to allow its users to form deep relationships with the people they meet on this dating site.


How does it work?

First, you install the hinge app on your phone or tablet. After that, sign up for this dating app and have a list of users. Members are ranked according to their age, physical proximity, and gender characteristics. If you like someone and you get a positive response from them, you are now matched and can start chatting with each other. You can import your profile pictures and personal information from Facebook to create your profile on Hinge.

Matches come regularly but are comparatively lower than most other online dating sites. Hinge only offers its members a specific list of profiles to choose from their match. Users can start having serious conversations with this list, not just browsing profiles. The algorithm matches profiles based on your preferences and liking, so you get a match that suits your personality and taste. The site also asks its users to delete their profile on the dating app when they find their match here. This shows not the app’s utility but the support it provides you to live your life.

Safety And Security

Hinge application is a platform that is safe to use for users. However, as with other dating sites, it is recommended to be careful. Hinge has a system that prevents fake accounts during the registration process. It is also recommended that you review the terms and conditions of the dating app before you start using app. Make sure you know the privacy policies that will keep your account safe.

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