What happens to you when you delete your WhatsApp account?

WhatsApp messages are a very useful correspondence platform for your employees in your environment and in your business, but sometimes the problems you experience while using them can bother you. Whether it’s annoying group messages, random business messages, or a privacy dilemma, WhatsApp can be annoying at times. But we can’t deny the service you get from this app either. Now, if you delete this application due to these annoying situations, what will happen to you? Let’s examine this article we have prepared for you.

What happens to my message history?

Deleting WhatsApp from your phone will clear all chat logs you have made within the application. You will not be able to open WhatsApp and access previously received messages. So you may want to save your important messages on your phone.

What happens to received messages after you deleted the app?

As you don’t have a WhatsApp account, people can’t message you on the app. However, if your chat thread is on their WhatsApp, they can message you. They will see a single check mark next to such messages. However, you will not receive these messages.

What happens to your groups on whatsapp?

If you are part of the WhatsApp group and you delete the app, you will lose admin rights. In addition, any member randomly selected from the group will be made an administrator if there is no other administrator. If you reactivate your WhatsApp account, you will need to rejoin the groups. You can join via the group link (if available) or ask the admin to add you back.

What happens to the images and videos you share on whatsapp?

Images and videos sent from WhatsApp installed on Android phones will remain on your phone as they are automatically saved on your phone. You can access them through any gallery app in the WhatsApp folder. However, if you have not downloaded the pictures, they will be removed from both WhatsApp and your phone.

What happens to your profile when you delete the app?

 If you delete the Whatsapp application on your phone, that means you will delete your personal account as well. Thus, If you want to reinstall it later from Google Play Store or App Store, you must add your personal information and you might need to add a new photo to your account. However, you do not need to add your contacts. The contact list will add to your account automatically. 

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