WeChat Sign Up Issues on iPhone 6s

If you are having WeChat sign up issues on iPhone 6S, you can find some details on here to fix this issue. We created this content for our visitors who are having problem with the registering problem to the application. If you have any questions regarding this problem, you can ask us through our comment, contact us and ask us page.

Hello! Cannot pass the security check. Have no eligible friends to scan the code. Can we find a solution, so that I can use this app. Thank You!

Operating System IOS 12.1
Application/Website Name WeChat
Device Brand iPhone 6s
Tag WeChat Sign Up Issues on iPhone 6s

How to Fix WeChat Sign Up Issues on iPhone 6s?

Thank you for providing detailed information us about your problem. Also thanks for kind attitude in the question. We haven’t mentioned about your name because we respect your privacy. We have two different solutions for those problems. You can check our security check and friend login problem solutions on How to Chat Online.

According to recent user reports about WeChat sign up issues on iPhone 6s, you will need to contact to WeChat devs for this situation. You will need to do that because most of those solutions don’t work for activate an account or bypass security verify. This is one of the most trouble making features on iOS devices at the moment. You can also check complaints on AppStore. You are not alone at all.

WeChat Sign Up Issues on iPhone 6s

There is not Any Other Solution Except Contact WeChat

Unfortunately there is not any other solution for this problem at the moment. Reinstalling WeChat will may be work but this is really small chance. You can even ignore it. Since your phone number is getting blocked by Wechat and this data is stored in servers of WeChat, you can’t resolve this issue on your own. You will certainly need to contact WeChat.

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