WeChat Phone Number Already in Use

WeChat phone number already in use error generally happening because of different facts on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android phones. These are: you have purchased a second hand phone number, you have purchased a phone number which was active for some time ago, you are using a public virtual phone number. If you are facing with first two problems, you will need to contact to WeChat support. Installing and uninstalling the application won’t help you at all. Other tricks will not also work for this. If you are using a virtual phone number, you have nothing to do with this. You need to purchase a real phone number and create an account on WeChat. If you are facing with friend confirmation problem see: WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

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WeChat Phone Number Already in Use, How to Fix?

You can do the following to fix WeChat phone number already in use problem:

  • Go to WeChat support.
  • Select your operating system at Platform. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Select a country which is relevant with your SIM.
  • You will need to select “Account registration” and then “Others”.
  • In description tell WeChat staff that you are getting “WeChat phone number already in use” error and your current phone number. Also tell them how you have purchased your SIM card. If it is second hand, also give detail about this. Tell WeChat that you want to use the application with your current phone number.
  • If you can take a picture of the error, share the screenshot with clicking on “Upload screenshot” section which is located under description.
  • At “Leave your contact info” stage, leave your current phone number and type your mail address.
  • Send the support request to staff.

This is recommended steps to contact WeChat.

WeChat Phone Number Already in Use

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Is There a Solution for Virtual Phone Numbers?

There is not any solution similar to what we have described above. But there are alternative ways if you don’t want to use a real phone number on WeChat. Search for free SMS verification services on internet and try to find other alternative phone numbers that you can use. If you can manage to find a new virtual phone number, this is going to be awesome for you.

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