WeChat Pay Supports DKK, SEK, CHF and NOK Now

WeChat has recently announced that WeChat Pay supports DKK, SEK, CHF and NOK now. It means you will able to use these currencies in your WeChat account at the moment. You can also make your payments through these currencies via WeChat Wallet. The application is also supporting another 12 major currencies at the moment. Now WeChat increased the number of supported currencies to 16. As we have mentioned in the past, application is improving their marketing in European countries.

Danish Krone

If you are from Denmark and if you would like to make your payments through WeChat Pay, now you can setup your account and make your payments through the application. Since WeChat pay supports Danish Krone at the moment, you will be eligible to have a WeChat Pay account with a Danish bank/bank account.

WeChat announced that the application supports DKK in 23 November 2018. You can check details above.

Norwegian Krone

You can also create your WeChat Pay account with a Norwegian bank/NOK bank account since the app supports Norwegian krone at the moment. You can make your payments through the application safely. WeChat also announced this update with same date with DKK. You are now eligible to use NOK accounts on the application.

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Swedish Krona

WeChat also acknowledge that Swedish Krona is also available with the new update of WeChat Pay. You can create your accounts with Swedish banks and begin to use your WeChat Pay with SKK currency.  This is also announced by WeChat in 23 November 2018. Now Swedish users will able to make shopping and travel with the secure payment options of the application.

Swiss Franc

The other new update was for Switzerland in WeChat. They made WeChat Pay available for Swiss Franc. Now WeChat users from Switzerland will able to use this feature of the application with Swiss Franc bank accounts.

WeChat Pay Supports DKK, SEK, CHF and NOK

WeChat Pay now supporting these currencies on the application. According to some rumours, some new updates will come in the future for new currencies. Tencent is planning to make WeChat available for most of other European currencies and Latin American currencies. For the most recent updates and troubleshoots of WeChat, keep follow us!

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