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You can’t log in to WeChat with your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry? We are going to provide information on how to fix the WeChat login problem here. Many people are getting this problem and unfortunately, they can’t fix the WeChat Login error because it is a little bit problematic… It’s generally because of the version of WeChat. If you didn’t update your app yet, you can get similar problems like this. Because we had many troubleshooting requests from our users. Most users were generally using the older version of the app. There are various reasons for this error. We are going to provide you all solutions for this error on this page. Hopefully, you will able to resolve your problem with our guide.

Some users are confusing the WeChat login error with a verification problem but it is not related to this subject. If you are having a problem with verification please see this page because this will help you more than login related guide: Verification Code Doesn’t Work

Also see: WeChat Asks for Update but It is Already Updated on Android

Solutions for WeChat Login Error

1-) Firstly clear all data from your application and uninstall the app. Then install it. You will need to reinstall the application on iOS devices directly because there is not anything like clearing data on iPhone and iPad devices. This will only work on Android.

2-) Have you download WeChat from the official app site or OS store? (Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, etc.) If you didn’t do it remove the application from your phone and install it from your official OS app store because especially app developers are fighting against unofficial versions.

3-) If you are using an old version, you will need to update it because older versions always create problems on your mobile device. If the new update gives an error, you should remove all data and uninstall the app otherwise you won’t able to use it at all. Then install app one of the links we have provided for you on above. Just go to the related page and click on the download button. It will redirect you to the related OS page. Try login into the app again.

Fix WeChat Login Problem with Official Ways

4-) Finally try to contact developers about your problem to get help with your WeChat login problem. They are good at troubleshooting but they respond quite late. Click here to go to the official Support Page, and do the following:

  • Select your operating system on the platform section. (Choose whatever device you use. iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Select your country in the region section.
  • Choose “Login and Password” in the category section.
  • Then select “Unable to receive SMS code” or “Password retrieval Failed” or “Others”. This option should be related to your login problem.
  • Describe your problem and give detailed information about your device in the “Description” section.
  • Type your Mobile number in the first section of Step 2.
  • Type your email address in the second section of Step 2.
  • And finally, Tap/Click on submit button.

Fix the Problem Step by Step

1-) Visit the WeChat support website that we provided you above. This is the best way to fix your problem related to login. Alternatively, you can also send an email to [email protected] However, it won’t be the best way for you because Wechat staff are not generally responding to those emails. However, they generally respond to feedbacks which we told you below.

2-) Select your device operating system. You will need to enter your correct platform to get the best result from your support requests. Please give more detailed information about your phone model too in the description.

WeChat Login Error - Fix WeChat Login Problem Step 1

3-) Select Your Country in the region section. The region section is about your country. WeChat cares for your real location much. Please also provide the correct information about your location in this section. Otherwise, your phone number can get blocked at all.

WeChat Login Error - Fix WeChat Login Problem Step 2 Select Your Country

3-) Select Unable to Login in Categories and also select the most suitable category for your problem at the next. If you have a screenshot. Upload it.

WeChat Login Error - Fix WeChat Login Problem Step 3 Select Unable to Login Upload a Screenshot

5-) Write an informative description in the text area field.

WeChat Login Error - Fix WeChat Login Problem Step 4 Describe Your Problem

6-) Write your phone number to the ID field and add your email address. Then select preferred contact way as email.

WeChat Login Error - Fix WeChat Login Problem Step 5 Write Phone Number and Email

7-) Submit the form!

Now you will need to wait and see if devs will fix your WeChat login error.

You will need to wait sometime after this because WeChat developers are a little bit slow. Unfortunately, there is not any other good solution to fix this problem since it is generally based on account issues.

WeChat Login Problem: Your Account May Have Been Compromised

If you are having a WeChat login problem and if you are getting a message like Your account may have been compromised. To verify your identity, you will need to find a Wechat user to help assist in verifying your identity. The user doesn’t need to be friends with you on WeChat. Once you’ve verified that the user meets the requirements above, enter their mobile number below… from WeChat. It means you are in trouble. We are going to tell you what you should do to get rid of this problem and also how to find a friend to make you verify in the following paragraphs.

If you are facing an error in registration, you will need to see: WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

WeChat Login Problem: Help Friend Log In

See the following steps for things you should do when you get Your account may have been compromised message from WeChat.

1-) Select your region and it should be the same as your SIM card‘s origin. For example, if you have +44, you need to pick the UK in the region.

Your Account May have Been Compromised WeChat - Select Your Region

2-) You will need to enter your friend’s phone number and then click on next.

Your Account May have Been Compromised WeChat - Enter Your Friends Phone Number Next

It is all you have to do for the process. Your friend should do the rest. See the below.

Things your friend should do to fix the WeChat login problem:

3-) Run WeChat and tap on WeChat Team on chats.

WeChat Login Problem - Help Friend Log In Step 1

4-) Tap on Account on the bottom menu.

WeChat Login Problem - Help Friend Log In Step 2

5-) Select Help Friend Login.

WeChat Login Problem - Help Friend Log In Step 3

6-) Finally, you will see the request of the friend on the next screen. Verify it.

Which Accounts are Eligible For Help Friend Login

If your friend got your account may have been compromised message from WeChat and if you want to do help friend login steps, you will need to eligible to verify an account. So you will need to have the following specs on your account:

  • Your account should create about 6 months at the least.
  • You shouldn’t have verified someone else last 30 days.
  • Also shouldn’t have verified two accounts last 6 months.
  • You shouldn’t have verified three accounts in one year.

WeChat Login Problem: How to Find a Friend to Verify WeChat Account

Step 1)

1-) Click on Forums in the menu of How to Chat Online or click here to go to Forums directly.

WeChat Login Problem - Click on Forums

2-) Click on the register button to register to the HCO forums.
WeChat Login Problem - Click on Register Button

3-) Enter all required fields to register to forums.

WeChat Login Problem - Register to Forum4-) Finally go to WeChat Forums and click on Add Topic ask if there is any volunteer to help you.

WeChat Login Problem - Add Topic to Forums

Step 2)

  • Go to Reddit.
  • Register an account.
  • Go to /r/china subreddit.
  • Open a subject and tell you got a message from WeChat which tells: Your account may have been compromised and also can’t log in.
  • Ask if someone can help you with this situation.

We recommend you do both steps. If you are having the login web, we recommend you to check the tutorial on this page.

How to Fix WeChat Friend Problem

If you are having this problem because of the friend verification system, you will need to check out the tutorial for this on here: WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account. You are going to find solutions to resolve this problem and learn how to do steps for WeChat Friend Login. If you have any questions regarding this problem, please feel free to ask us.

Can’t log in to WeChat Web

WeChat Web is one of the common features of the application which is used by Android and iPhone users of the phone. However, people cannot log in to the web version of WeChat. We are going to tell you the reasons for it and how to login into the application without using any other program or any other devices. This problem generally occurs because of the QR Code. We hope that our tips are going to be useful for you here and we will able to help you.

Cannot log in to WeChat Web, Phone Does Not Scan QR Code

Generally, phones don’t scan QR codes because of poor quality. If you have an old device or if you are using a mobile device with poor camera quality, you can face this problem. The problem also occurs because of the outdated browser. We recommend you to check the version of your browser first, if it needs any update, please let it take place on your computer. Check your internet speed and ensure that the connection is working fine.

Internet Speed is Key

If your connection is not good, you will need to talk to your internet service provider to fix the internet speed issue. Otherwise, slow internet will cause you not to enter the WeChat Web. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the application. Finally, try to zoom in to the QR code with your browser and try to scan it again one more time. Very bright screens can also cause you to face this problem. Check the brightness of your screen in the power sections and try to decrease the values.

Also, See:

Cannot Login to WeChat Web

You did all these steps and still, if our tips didn’t work for you, we recommend you to contact WeChat support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

How to Login Web WeChat?

If you would like to log in to the web service of WeChat you will need to go to https://web.wechat.com/ address first and you will need an old account. Newly registered accounts cannot be used on Web WeChat. You will not able to join this account with new accounts because of security reasons. If you have an old account, you can do the following to login into this service. You won’t need to pay for that, it is free.

Also See: Account Does Not Exist

Log in with QR Code to Web WeChat

Please do the following for login web WeChat:

  • Go to the Web service which we have provided the link for you above in the first paragraph.
  • You will see the scan QR Code screen on your PC or Mac.
  • Run the application on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” icon which is located top right of the application.
  • Tap “Scan QR Code” on the menu which will appear just after you tap on plus.
  • Scan QR Code carefully with your phone.
  • Tap the “Log in” button on your phone!

That’s all you have to do to log in to Web WeChat! Now you can chat with your friends on your browser and begin to chat with your friends.

I Can’t log in to Web WeChat, What to Do?

If you think that your account is old enough to join this service but if you can’t still use it, you will need to check our guideline about this issue above.

We also recommend you take a look at your java settings. If you don’t install Java on your PC yet, please install it. Otherwise, you are going to see a blank page. If you did not update it, please do it as soon as possible. It will fix your problems related to this service. WeChat Web is one of the best features of the application that can be used by several users. However, there are some limitations to the usage of this service. For example, those users who have an account of less than 1 year, can’t use WeChat Web. If you still want to use it, you can contact the staff for that but don’t expect a positive answer for that.

Unable to Login WeChat on Android

You unable to log in to WeChat? We are going to provide you some solutions here and you will able to use your WeChat account again on Android. It will be very easy for you to resolve this error. You won’t need to use another application or software to log in to WeChat again. This problem is generally occurring on Android and we are going to give you some solutions for that. (If you are having a problem with a locked account, please click here to learn how to unlock it.)

Let’s tell you how to resolve the problem.

If you download WeChat from unofficial resources, you won’t able to use WeChat for some time later. So you will need to these steps.

  • Uninstall WeChat from your Android device. Please ensure that you have cleared all files of the application.
  • Go to Google Play and download WeChat from official resources.

We recommend you to be careful while you uninstall WeChat since you can get another error while you try to reinstall the application from official resources. You can get more information about how to reinstall the app on our website:

Please take a look at our guidelines on how to reinstall WeChat.

If you cannot still fix the problem, you will need to fix it through WeChat staff, please watch the video below:

If you violate site terms and rules you will need to contact WeChat and you will need to apologize because of your bad behavior. If you don’t want to do that, you won’t able to use the application with the same phone number. So you will need another phone number to use the app. You can also click here to see WeChat Alternatives.

If you use your WeChat on Bluestack software, you will be unable to log in WeChat account again. We recommend you not to use your actual accounts on pc-based application programs like Bluestack.

Can I Login WeChat without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you can’t log in to a WeChat account without a phone number. However, if you have lost your card, there are ways to make your account safe. You will also able to recover your account safely with the tips, we will mention above. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please let us know via commenting on this page.

See Also: WeChat Login Error: How to Fix on Android and iOS?

I Have Lost My Sim Card! Can I Login WeChat?

If you have lost your sim card but not your phone, there is the possibility that you can log in to WeChat.

  • Run WeChat.
  • If you log in automatically, do the steps below.
  • Tap on the “Me” button.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on My Account
  • Tap on Phone
  • Select unlink phone number

If someone else even gets your card, he won’t able to use your WeChat account now.

Lost Phone and Sim Card! How to Login WeChat?

If you have lost your phone and sim card, it will be hard for you to get your account back but you will need to make your account safe first. If you have any cash on WeChat Wallet, losing a sim card may cause losses. Do the following:

  • Run WeChat on another device.
  • Go to WeChat Security Center
  • Freeze your account.
  • Apply to your service provider to get a new card with the same phone number.
  • After you receive the card, unfreeze the account.

You can see our tips for unfreezing your account here: How to Unfreeze an Account on WeChat

Can I Login WeChat without Phone Number

I Can’t Get Sim Card, What to Do?

If you can’t recover your Sim Card once more, unfortunately, there is nothing to do about this. You can contact WeChat about the situation, however, don’t expect much. If WeChat could help with these situations, messenger hacking could be very easy.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about how to fix the WeChat login error, you can ask us by commenting on this page. We will answer your questions by replying to your comment or publishing this content. You can find some valuable questions from our users below.

WeChat Login Failure on iPad 2


I set up the application on an iPad 2 years ago but never used it. Now I am getting a WeChat login error. I tried to reset the password but the email never came. What can I do? Thank you.


Thanks for contacting the How to Chat Online Q&A service. Generally, WeChat accounts that have not been used for more than a year are blocked due to prolonged inactivity. The problem should be about that. We recommend you to do a few steps if you haven’t already done them first.

Update the app if there is any new version of that. If this doesn’t help you, please do step 2.

Reinstall WeChat from App Store.

After you did these steps above and if they did not help you, you will need to contact WeChat about the account block. You need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the Support Page of WeChat.
  • Select “iOS” in Platform Section.
  • Choose your country in Region.
  • Select “Login and Password” in Category.
  • Select “Account Blocked
  • Give detailed information about your problem on Description.
  • Finally, type your WeChat ID and a valid email address on Step 2.

We also recommend you to see our “Account is Blocked Due to Prolonged Inactivity” guide.

Why Do I Have WeChat Login Problem on iPhone?


I don’t know what is problem with WeChat, it was working perfectly. Then login problem appeared because of a reason. Why do I have a login problem? I am using iPhone.


Since you haven’t provided enough information, we cannot guess the reason for your problem with the login. The application crashes? You are getting a verification error or just it’s about login? These are important because detailed information is the key fact to resolve a problem. Well, we assume that it’s the problem with the Wechat login error on iPhone.

You can do the following steps to fix WeChat Login Error:

1-) Run WeChat on iPhone.

2-) Tap on the three-dot menu of the Wechat login page.

3-) Tap the “Unable to Log In?” button on the menu which will appear on your screen.

4-) Tap on the “Login via SMS Code” button on the page. You can see the picture below.

5-) WeChat is going to ask you “Can your mobile (phone number) receive messages?” and you will also answer it as yes.

6-) In the next section make sure about your country and also your phone number and tap the next button.

7-) WeChat will ask you about your phone number again and you will also need to check it and confirm your number. Tap the “Ok” button to confirm as we have shown in the following picture below.

8-) At the next step, you will be on a page for getting a code. Finally, with this code, you will able to log in to WeChat and you will able to change your password. Tap on the send button to get the code via SMS and paste the code in the code area. We have shown the code in the following picture below.

This is all you need to do…

Error Code 106 When I Want to Sign Up on WeChat


I am getting an error while I want to sign up WeChat: Error Code 106. There is any way to how to resolve this problem?


Firstly please try to change your network while you are signing up for the application. Please also ensure that you have enough space on your phone. If it didn’t work for you please do the following steps below for Android:

  • Go to WeChat.com.
  • Tap on Download for Android and then Direct Download.
  • While you are downloading the application from the official resource do these steps: Settings (Settings of your phone) > Security > Enable Unknown Resource
  • When you are done with 3rd step, install the application on your device.
  • Try signing up to WeChat Again.

If it didn’t resolve your problem, please ask us again with more detailed information. Your phone model, a screenshot of the error you get, etc.

Error Code 109 When I Want to Signup on Wechat

I would like to get a WeChat account and I am trying to sign up for the application after I installed it on my Android device. Unfortunately, I am getting an error while I am registering an account. “Error Code 109” is appearing on my screen when I am trying to get an account. Well, I have tried a few things to resolve this issue but I couldn’t manage to fix it. I need some ideas to get rid of this problem since I need WeChat for my business in China. I hope you guys can help me with this. How can I fix this WeChat login problem? Thank you very much.


We are sad to hear that you have such a problem. We hope we will manage to help you with this. If you are getting 109 error codes, you will need to reinstall your application on the phone. However please ensure that there are not any files of apps remained on your Android device. We have told details about how to reinstall WeChat above.

However, we are going to tell you on this page for you again.

  1. Please clear all caches and data of the application from your phone first.
  2. Tap and hold on to the WeChat logo on your phone and uninstall the application.
  3. Go to your file manager (if you don’t have one, please install a file manager app from the play store) and search for WeChat.
  4. If there are any files, clean them from your device. If there are not any of them go to step 5.
  5. Go to the play store and install WeChat again.
  6. Run the app on your phone.

If this didn’t work for you please let us know by asking another question, we are going to respond to you as soon as possible. We hope that it helped you to fix WeChat login error.

WeChat Verification Error on Used Phone Number


I am trying to set up my WeChat account for the first time ever. The lady who had the number before me already had an account but it was a long time ago.

Wechat asked me to re-activate my account by giving the number of another user (who has had an account for at least 6 months) to verify my account. Did find someone that fills this requirement. I entered my friend’s number but the verification failed. I have a message that says “Verification error – The assisted account has had non-compliance record. Choose another WeChat account to assist verification. Go back to the homepage and try again“.

I do not know anyone else who has an account. What can I do now to still set up my account? How can I fix this WeChat login error?


Thank you for your kind attitude in the question. There is a problem with friend verification on the app, unfortunately. We have already got many questions about that recently and complaints about the issue. I believe the number has been blocked by Staff because of prolonged inactivity. The problem is not occurring in the application but it is related to your account and app servers. This can be only fixed by staff (since it’s a complete account issue) but unfortunately, they are not very good at responding to their customers/users. We hope you can fix this WeChat login problem with the guide below.

Solutions for the problem?

We have some recommendations for you while contacting developers and we will provide how to contact them step by step here:

  • Go to WeChat support.
  • Select your “Operating System” at Platform.
  • Choose your “Country” at Region.
  • Select “Unable to log in” at Categories.
  • Select “Account Blocked” in the next section of categories.
  • In the description please give detailed information about your problem. Also, tell staff to phone numbers (of your friends) which you have given for verification.
  • Get a screenshot of your problem. (Especially screenshot of the error which includes “Verification error – The assisted account has had non-compliance record. Choose another WeChat account to assist verification. Go back to the homepage and try again“ text. Upload the screenshot to the support page.
  •  Type your Phone number with + format to the first field of step 2. Like (+19xxxxxxx)
  • Write a valid email address to the email field. (An email that you check daily will be very good.)
  • Submit the form.
  • Go to App Store or Google Play and complain about the situation with a review.

If you are having any WeChat login error, you can contact us and give information on your trouble.

Another registration issue and again WeChat… Today we will research reasons why people can’t sign up to WeChat and provide solutions for these problems. We hope that this is going to be a good guide for you if you are owning one of those devices. If you are using another device, feel free to ask us on our support page. We got a question from our visitors related to this issue and we will answer his question about it.

Can’t Sign Up to WeChat

I can’t sign up to WeChat with Sony Xperia, how to fix the problem.

Operating System:  android
Application Name:  WeChat
Device Brand:  Sony Xperia
Tags:  Can’t Sign Up to WeChat with Sony Xperia

Thank you for the question. Since you haven’t provided detailed information about the signup problem, we will give some more detailed fixes about it. Please find the related problem and try to resolve your issue.

Known Issues with WeChat Sign Up

These are some known issues that you can face while you try to sign up to WeChat…

  • Suspicious Login
  • Security Check Problem
  • Verification Code Problem
  • Verification Error
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Friend Registration

Suspicious Login

Suspicious login issues are generally occurring when you are trying to sign up for an application with VPN, proxy, virtual phone number, and emulator products. If you are trying to use one of these or if you forgot to kill those services while you sign up for WeChat. You are going to face this problem.

Solutions for Suspicious Login

Security Check Problem

Security check problems generally occur with freezing the WeChat screen. The application gets stuck on the final security check and you will be unable to pass it.

How to Fix Security Check Problem

Verification SMS/Code & Errors

There are different types of this problem. Sometimes you won’t able to get the verification SMS at times. Sometimes you get the SMS but the verification code doesn’t work on WeChat.

How to Fix Verification SMS/Code Problems and Errors

Virtual Phone Numbers on WeChat

Using virtual phone numbers while registering to WeChat is against the terms of the application. Sometimes system of the application can detect that you are using a virtual phone number. However, there are reports that WeChat can detect normal phone numbers as virtual phone numbers too.

How to Fix Virtual Phone Numbers

  1. Use a real phone number for your WeChat account.
  2. Get special and paid virtual phone number.
  3. Get an international SIM from Amazon.
  4. Contact WeChat if you already try registering your actual phone number…
  5. Phone Numbers by Virtual Operators cannot be Used to Register

Can't Sign Up to WeChat

Friend Registration

This will be a real pain for you… Please see the following tutorials for this…

We hope that these are going to be useful guides to fix you can’t sign up for WeChat with your Sony Xperia device. You can ask us if you have any other questions.

If you have any questions regarding WeChat login, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment on this page.

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