WeChat Login Problem: Your Account May Have Been Compromised

If you are having WeChat login problem and if you are getting a message like: Your account may have been compromised. In order to verify your identity, you will need to find a Wechat user to help assist in verifying your identity. The user doesn’t need to be friends with you on WeChat. Once you’ve verified that the user meets the requirements above, enter their mobile number below… from WeChat. It means you are in trouble. We are going to tell you what you should do for get rid of this problem and also how to find a friend to make you verify at the following paragraphs.

If you are facing with the error in registration, you will need to see: WeChat Asking a Friend to Verify Account

WeChat Login Problem: Help Friend Log In

See the following steps for things you should do in when you get Your account may have been compromised message from WeChat.

1-) Select your region and it should be same with your SIM card‘s origin. For example if you have +44, you need to pick UK at the region.

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2-) You will need to enter your friend phone number and then click on next.

It is all you have to do for the process. Your friend should do the rest. See the below.

Things your friend should do for fix WeChat login problem:

3-) Run WeChat and tap on WeChat Team on chats.

4-) Tap on Account on the bottom menu.

5-) Select Help Friend Login.

6-) Finally, you will see the request of the friend at the next screen. Verify it.

Which Accounts are Eligible For Help Friend Login

If your friend got your account may have been compromised message from WeChat and if you want to do help friend login steps, you will need to eligible to verify an account. So you will need have following specs on your account:

  • Your account should created about 6 months at the least.
  • You shouldn’t have verified someone else last 30 days.
  • Also shouldn’t have verified two accounts last 6 months.
  • You shouldn’t have verified three accounts in one year.

WeChat Login Problem: How to Find a Friend to Verify WeChat Account

Step 1)

1-) Click on Forums in the menu of How to Chat Online or click here to go to Forums directly.

2-) Click on register button to register to the HCO forums.

3-) Enter all required fields to register to forums.

4-) Finally go to WeChat Forums and click on Add Topic ask if there is any volunteer to help you.

Step 2)

  • Go to Reddit.
  • Register an account.
  • Go to /r/china subreddit.
  • Open a subject and tell you got a message from WeChat which tells : Your account may have been compromised and also can’t login.
  • Ask if someone can help you for this situation.

We recommend you to do the both steps. If you are having the login web, we recommend you to check the tutorial.

Contact WeChat: You can also contact WeChat for a solution.

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