Is WeChat Free?


WeChat has been released in 21th January, 2011 by Tencent Holdings Limited. The application has gained popularity with many good features. It is providing free video calls, text messaging and audio messaging features to their users. The application is also providing an online payment option for their users and this feature is called as WeChat Wallet. Many users from different countries of the world is using WeChat for business opportunities in China, for making friends from different countries of the world and using the online payment option. You can meet random people with the shake feature of the application. WeChat is 100% free application to download and install.

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WeChat Video Call

WeChat video call is also free and you will only use the internet connection data for this. You will not spend any cash for video calling at all. If you have any questions about this, feel free to comment this page.

Text Messaging

As same as all other features, text messaging is also free on WeChat. You can send and receive messages on WeChat freely and you won’t need to pay for it at all. The application is also providing all features free for this feature.

All Other Features Are Free

There are also features like calling, audio messaging, WeChat shake and nearby on the application. You will also use all these features without any payment. You can make random friends through shake feature, you can make friends who are living around of you through nearby feature.

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