WeChat Alternatives That You can Use in China

As we got too much reports from expats and travellers who are living in China and they are not able to use WeChat because of friend login and verification issues. Our visitors also complain about WeChat was the only IM communication for them. It is because many known instant messaging app is forbidden in the country. So we decided to provide this list for you. You will find WeChat alternatives that you can use in China below. You will able to connect your family and friends with those IM apps.

#1 -JioChat

JioChat is our favorite app in this list. It is made in India and you can use this application in China. It is free to download. The application has also English interface. Actually it is very popular application whole around the world. We won’t get surprised if Chinese government bans it in the future. The downside of the application, it is a little bit buggy for iOS devices despite of it is very good on Android.


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Some Good Features of JioChat

  • Free voice and video calls. (International)
  • Free instant messaging.
  • Polls.
  • Social networks.
  • You have a storage in the app.
  • Available on App Store and Play Store.

#2 – QQ International

QQ International is made in China. Actually this app developer Tencent is also owner of WeChat messenger. However you are not going to have difficulties while you are using this application. This application is installed more than 5 million times in play store. There are some problems with the app at times but it is still a good WeChat alternative that you can use in China.


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#3 – YzerChat Messenger

YzerChat Messenger is allowing you to video call your friends and family. Since this is not very known application, there is a small possibility that it is banned in China. The application has a good customer support which will answer your questions really quick. The application got many good praises by users on Play Store and App Store.


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#4 – Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is one of WeChat alternatives that you can use in China. The application is providing good service for their users and got good feedbacks from iOS and Android users.


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All applications we provided above good WeChat alternatives. You can download and use them free. If you would like to add any other instant messaging applications that people can use in China, please leave a comment below.

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