WeChat Wallet Fraud

WeChat Wallet is one of the secure payments way through your phone. However as we have seen too much fraud incidents through paypal, credit cards and other payment methods, WeChat Wallet fraud can happen at times. One of our visitors had a similar issue with his wallet account and according to our visitor, his money has withdrawn frequently from wallet by someone else. We are going to tell you what you can do against such frauds on this page. We hope that this is going to be useful guide for you.

The question from our visitor is (We haven’t mentioned about the name about our visitor since we respect his privacy. We thank to him for the kind question.):

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have discovered that a substantial amount of money was taken from my WeChat pay account that I did not authorize. I was out in Shanghai last week and there are are transactions that are genuine. However 3 amounts were frequently taken out. I was therefore inquiring how I can have this fraud investigated and hopefully get my money return. Any help you can give me will be greatly received.

Many Thanks

What to Do Against WeChat Wallet Fraud?

  • Contact WeChat. To investigate the issue, you will need to contact to WeChat for the situation. If you know Chinese we recommend you to contact them through this page. Contacting them in Chinese language will help you to get faster respond. Otherwise you can also select the English language for support. Select the proper items for each fields on the form. You can also call Tencent’s customer support service from this phone number to get help: 0755-83765566 (Local phone for China. You will need to add phone code of China to call this number, if you are not in China.) Additionally, you can select a contact way from those options too: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wechatpay_guide/contact.shtml
  • Go to Police. Normally most of internet crimes are not eligible for report to police. However you can still report frauds to police and if you really think that you got a WeChat Wallet Fraud, you can report this them. Especially if you are still (living) in China, this will be most effective way to resolve the problem.

I am not in China, What Should I Do? – International Crimes

If you are not still in China, you can still report this to police in your country but they won’t have much to do it for this. They will let their colleagues in China (or any other country which fraud took place) to know about the crime. I don’t know if you manage to get a result from this though. So you shouldn’t expect much from them. You will need to hire an attorney in China if the fraud incident is very serious. (Of course the amount of money that you lost should worth it to hire an attorney.)

You also need to contact WeChat as we have told above if it is even international crime.

How to Avoid WeChat Wallet Fraud?

To avoid WeChat Wallet Fraud, we recommend you to check your balance frequently after you shopping with it. We also recommend you to not to share your phone number with someone you don’t know. These are some basic things you should be careful.

WeChat Wallet Fraud

Will WeChat Refund the Money?

WeChat refund policy is very unknown for us. However WeChat is a trustworthy brand for us and many other companies in Europe and Asian countries. Tencent is also the same. If they investigate the issue and if they see that you are right in your case, why not? However fraudster should have that money in his balance for refund as far as we know. We hope that you can resolve this weChat wallet fraud incident as soon as possible.

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