User Doesn’t Exist Problem on WeChat: How to Fix?

We are sorry for responding your questions late due to technical problems. How to Chat Online got another question from one of our users that he told us he is having user doesn’t exist problem on WeChat. We will answer his question below and try do our best to help him for the situation.

Question I am having problems adding friends in China. When I try to add them to my contacts by using their telephone number, I get user not found or exist. Even when I use there ID. This is the same when they try to find or add me.
Operating System Android
Application Name WeChat
Device Brand Samsung Note
Tags User does not exist, WeChat User

User Doesn’t Exist Problem on WeChat

Now we added another bug to WeChat history. Well… Firstly thank you for the question and we apologize for the late response. We are going to provide some solutions for this problem above. We hope that it is going to work for you.

How to Fix?

Generally these errors are appearing on WeChat because you haven’t set an ID and a valid name. We recommend you to check this tutorial on here: How to Change WeChat ID (Steps for Android and iOS with Pictures).

You can use the same tutorial for changing the name too. You will already see the name option while you are doing steps for changing ID.

User Doesn't Exist Problem on WeChat

Additionally, cleaning data and cache of the application and reinstalling the application can help you about this situation. You can do the following reinstall WeChat steps with your Galaxy Note device:

  • Tap apps on your phone.
  • Go to settings and select Apps on your device.
  • Find WeChat messenger from the list.
  • Click on Force Stop.
  • Then go to Storage.
  • Clear cache and clear data.
  • You will need to turn back main screen of your device.
  • Tap and hold on WeChat icon.
  • Tap on Uninstall
  • Go to Play Store and install WeChat again.

These will fix if you have any issue with your files on your website.

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